Before and After: This Stunning Redo Proves Even Laundry Rooms Can Be Luxurious

updated Dec 14, 2020
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Credit: Ela Bobak

Even if you use every cleaning hack in the book, it’s hard to make laundry fun. That goes double when you’re surrounded by blah finishes. If you’re getting tired of staring at the walls of your own laundry room, take inspiration Ela Bobak‘s gorgeous redo—pulled together from a space that was boring at best.

Credit: Ela Bobak

After Ela and her husband purchased their home in 2019, they spent about five months renovating a bunch of rooms, including their laundry room. Previously, the space had a lot of natural light and all of the clothes-cleaning essentials—but it was also incredibly basic. Think: beige floors, standard cabinets, and no real design details. Essentially, it wasn’t exciting, soothing, or enjoyable to look at, which can be particularly draining in a room in which you’re doing a frequent and boring chore.

Credit: Ela Bobak

But with about $5,000 and help from pros on the installations, Ela and her husband created a laundry room that’s about as luxe and relaxing as a room designed for chores can be.

Now, gray and white, chevron-patterned Carrara marble serves as the backdrop for a new white washer/dryer set and white cabinetry with low-maintenance and sturdy quartz countertops.

Gold-colored fixtures grab the eye, including gold rod with brown leather rod holders. The detail is a smart way to turn a pretty basic element into a design feature.

Credit: Ela Bobak

The couple also swapped out a standard, standalone laundry room sink for a pretty and practical farmhouse sink, and opted for a touch-on faucet for extra convenience.

To pull everything together, they chose a globe pendant light and gray, fan-shaped floor tiles, both of which are neutral but still have a hit of personality. What you can’t see in the “after” photos: Those floors are now heated. Ahh.

Credit: Ela Bobak

The biggest takeaway for Ela now that she’s been through a whole reno experience? “Be patient!” she says. “I love the ‘after’ a ton. I really wouldn’t do anything differently!”

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