8 Little Luxuries Worth Splurging on in a New Home, According to Reddit

published May 16, 2023
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When you move into a new place, there are certain things you know you need to do — like replacing the locks or figuring out where the shutoff valves and circuit breakers are located. But your new home checklist doesn’t have to be all nitty-gritty tasks. In fact, moving into a new place gives you the perfect opportunity to make changes that are purely for your own comfort, since it’s often much easier to take on projects in a home that hasn’t been completely settled into.

Need some convincing that comfort projects deserve a high spot on your to-do list? Take some inspiration from a recent Reddit thread on the r/homeimprovement subreddit that asked users for their “new home checklist (fun edition).” There, user u/nvdrzmm asked community members for their recommendations on smile-inducing upgrades they’d make to new homes. The comments topped 400 within a week, with a ton of great ideas for affordable changes you can (and should) make to a new home to create a space that feels good for you. 

Below, find some of the best ideas you can recreate in your own home.

New Hardware

This upgrade puts the “little” in “little luxuries.” While fresh hardware might not rank high on your must-do list, it’s something that user u/xKobito says you should try. User u/Biblovoria replies with advice as you make your selection: 

Make sure to select hardware that suits not just your style, but also your lifestyle.

Practical Lighting

One category of upgrades that appears over and over in the thread? Lighting. Users recommend under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, as well as battery-operated lights in closets to help you better see what you’re trying to access. And one, u/Ndi_Omuntu, writes that they like their motion-activated light switches in the laundry room and garage, which they call “super nifty.” Others agree:

Fresh Toilet Seats

While bidets were mentioned multiple times throughout the thread, you don’t have to go high-tech to make a new toilet seat worth it. In fact, just switching to a more luxurious slow-close toilet seat, like user u/No_Refrigerator_163 recommends, can make a big difference. Another user says that upgrade has been worth it in their own home:

Kitchen Cabinet Add-Ons

You don’t have to replace the cabinets in your kitchen to make them more efficient. Upgrades like pull-out drawers or lazy Susans can optimize the space you already have, allowing you to fit more inside or more easily access what’s there. User u/SM1955 notes that a previous owner had added those features into their kitchen, and they really like the upgrades:

Another thing to consider? Soft-close hinges, which user u/JMBwpg calls a “game changer.”


This one goes out to anyone moving into a new build. While you can buy relatively mature trees and shrubs, it will be extremely costly. The great thing about plants, though, is that you can buy small, budget-friendly versions and see a lot of growth within just a few seasons. As user u/Igdie-Threadgoode notes, “The earlier you landscape, the longer it has to grow in and look nice when mature.”

Outdoor Seating

If you have outdoor space, make sure that you have a way to enjoy it — especially if that space was something that attracted you to the home to begin with. User u/hogua says they “splurged on nice patio furniture” when they closed on their own house since the backyard was one of its key selling points. “Having the nice patio furniture ensures we always take time to sit and enjoy the backyard that we love,” they write.

Outlets with USB Ports

Outlets with USB ports allow you to skip charging blocks for devices like phones, tablets, speakers, and more. It’s something that “comes in handy,” says user u/rock_accord, and generally costs less than $20 per outlet.

New Showerheads and Faucets

A new showerhead is the perfect no-reno upgrade for any bathroom, rental or not, since it’s something you can take on yourself and doesn’t require any permanent changes. User u/moistmarbles calls a new showerhead a “comfort maker,” and notes that a new kitchen faucet is a worthwhile investment, too. If you’re looking to upgrade the faucet, consider a touchless model, like user u/tcaz: