Teddy Ruxpin Got a Makeover & Is Still Creepy AF

published Oct 3, 2016
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(Image credit: via TMZ)

Anyone who grew up in the ’80s remembers Teddy Ruxpin. The talking bear with the cassette tape in his back hit the market in 1985, scared us all with his uncanny valley face and low battery voice, and faded into oblivion for awhile. Until now.

In case you need a refresher:

MommyandGracieShow got a look at the new Teddy at the Dallas Toy Fair and he’s ripe to terrify a whole new generation.

Produced by Wicked Cool Toys, the biggest visual difference is in the eyes. While OG Teddy had eyes that mechanically blinked, New Teddy has LCD eyes that are as blue as your face when he strangles you in the night. But don’t worry, they animate, too! From hearts to snowflakes, he shows when he loves you and when he’s feeling icy.

On the technical side, new Teddy has gotten an upgrade from his cassette days; now, he has a 4GB hard drive that holds about 40 stories. Teddy pairs with an iPad app where you can read along and unlock additional stories.

The rebooted Teddy Ruxpin won’t hit shelves until August 2017. Check out MommyandGracieShow’s sneak peek: