Now You Can Save Your Favorite Apartment Therapy Images Into Vision Boards

published Jun 16, 2020
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We publish a lot of pictures of real homes on Apartment Therapy. But one thing we’ve heard from our readers is how hard it is to find your favorite images after the fact (“Remember that bed lofted over the kitchen?”). With that in mind, over the last year, we’ve introduced a number of features to allow you to browse our entire archive. (Haven’t seen it? Click “See More Images” under any photo.)

Today, we’re excited to introduce another feature to our photo inspiration experience, which allows you to save your favorite images and organize them into folders that we’re calling Vision Boards. Think of this as a way to design your dream home, right within Apartment Therapy.

Planning a living room redesign? Create a “Living Room Inspiration” Vision Board and save all of the images there. Thinking about how to style a bookshelf? Save snapshots from your favorite house tour into a “Design Details” Vision Board. Want to find the perfect bold accent wall color for your bedroom? Create a “Beautiful Bedrooms” Vision Board. The options are endless, and you can name and organize your Vision Boards any way you want!

How does it work?

Under every image on Apartment Therapy, you’ll see a new “SAVE” button. If you don’t already have an account with us, you’ll be prompted to create one (or just sign in if you already have one).

Credit: Apartment Therapy

To make signing up even easier, we’ve added a one-click option to sign up via Google—or, you can use your own email and password combination.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Once you’ve logged in and click to save an image, you can create and name a new Vision Board or add the image to one that you’ve already made.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

If you want to go back and find all of the images you’ve saved, go to your user profile by clicking the profile icon in the header of our site. You’ll automatically be taken to the Vision Boards tab where you can see the boards you’ve created and the number of images inside each one.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Click into a Vision Board to see all of the images and click on an image to easily go back to the post where the image was originally featured.

We’ve partnered with one of our favorite paint brands, Sherwin-Williams, for this project. And we’re also excited to help you turn your inspiration into reality by matching the colors you love. As you save images into Vision Boards, we do a little bit of magic behind the scenes: We analyze all of the colors across all of the images in a particular Vision Board and extract the top five most prevalent colors. These are then matched to real-life Sherwin-Williams paint colors, so you can buy a sample (or a bucket) and try the project out for yourself.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

We’ve been slowly rolling this feature out over the past few weeks and are excited to introduce it to our entire Apartment Therapy community. We hope you’ll give it a shot and share the inspiration you find with us. Any feedback? Please let us know in the comments below.