4 Surprising Reasons People Love Not Having Laundry in Their Apartments

published Feb 24, 2020
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Ask renters about their most wished-for amenities in an apartment and many will put in-unit laundry, or at least laundry in the building, at the top of their lists. And understandably so—going to the laundromat can be a huge hassle. Laundry is one of those chores that doesn’t stay “done” for very long, so living without easy access to it can be a major headache.

However, not everyone sees on-site laundry as the holy grail of rental conveniences. In fact, some people actually like the fact that they don’t have laundry in their apartment. 

If you’re wondering what would cause someone to shun this objectively awesome amenity, that makes two of us. I talked to a few of these people—who I still believe make up the minority of renters—to find out what could possibly make them prefer living without laundry at their fingertips. Here’s some of their surprising (and not not so surprising) reasons.

You’ll do less laundry

Even if it’s right in your apartment, doing the laundry is still probably something you consider a chore. When you can’t just toss in a load whenever you feel like it, you’re more likely to be strategic about how often your clothes actually need washing. 

“A lot of what we wear really isn’t dirty,” explains Travis Carroll of New York City-based Oxford Property Group. “Items like jeans, the second layer over an undershirt, hoodies,, and sweatpants you only wore for an hour just need to be folded or hung up to be reworn.”

You’ll also be doing the environment a favor by cutting down on water and electricity use. 

It can be dedicated “me time”

When you live with your significant other, it’s essential to have some time apart for the health of your relationship. Heading to the laundromat can be the perfect excuse to duck out and be alone with your thoughts for a few hours.

“A client told me he looked forward to doing laundry each week,” Carroll says. “After starting a load, he’d go to the coffee shop next door, claim a spot, and enjoy some coffee while reading a book. He set a timer to make sure he was back in time to pop the clothes in the dryer.”

It’s cheaper

Because many people view on-site laundry as a desirable amenity, landlords generally feel empowered to factor it into the price of rent, according to Emile L’Eplattenier, chief real estate analyst at real estate site TheClose.com. It’ll also raise your electricity bills.

“I pay roughly $20 a week for a wash and fold at my local laundromat,” L’Eplattenier says. “Not cheap, but likely cheaper than the bump in rent I’d see with in-unit laundry.”

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The laundromat is the perfect setting for a meet-cute

You’ve seen it in movies. Someone’s innocently matching their whites when a cute stranger catches their eye. Believe it or not, this can actually happen in real life.

No one is necessarily expecting to meet the love of their life at the laundromat, which takes a lot of the pressure off. The relaxed, mundane atmosphere makes it ideal for meeting someone when you least expect it. It can also work in a communal laundry room in your building.

“Having laundry in the building means you get to know your neighbors,” says Louis Adler of REAL New York. “I’ve even heard a story about a couple who met in the laundry room in their building and are now happily married.”