Drop that Paintbrush! 12 Wonderful Uses Of Wood Trim

Drop that Paintbrush! 12 Wonderful Uses Of Wood Trim

Tess Wilson
Jul 8, 2015

A commenter on my Wood Paneling Done Fabulously post asked, "How about a post on houses with natural wood trim, instead of the ubiquitous painted trim? Show us how that can look terrific, too!" I'm on it!

In Erin & Rob's House Tour Survey, they cited the woodwork as their biggest challenge: "It brings such warmth to the apartment but can make things looks really heavy and dark, which is great...if you want to live in an English hunting lodge. I do love the woodwork, but it's challenging to find the right pieces to help lighten it up." I think they nailed it. This is the kind of wood trim (above) that could potentially read as datedly-orange if it wasn't surrounded by exactly the right colors and accessories. Fortunately, they styled their home with lots of bright black and white, allowing the trim to feel thoroughly modern.

Once again, crisp black-and-white is the perfect counterpoint to lots of warm wood trim, but rugs and art can be easily swapped out if the mood arises.

This is another example in which the perfect counterpoint to wood trim (a whole lot of wood trim!) is black and white. If the palette was any richer or darker, I think I'd feel like the wood was overwhelming, but Peter's kept things bright and fresh.

In this dressy yet cozy living room, the walls, rug, and most furnishings are pale, allowing the wonderfully dark wood trim, pillows, curtains, and art to really pop.

In contrast, John has taken the opposite approach and embraced the dark while maintaining pops of white. The gorgeously dark wood trim is joined by black or nearly-black rugs, chairs, chaise, tables, and lampshades.

His generous use of mirrors, lighting, and glassware prevents the darkness from closing in, however, and he cleverly echoed the wood trim in the lines of the dining room light.

In this living room, the wood of the furniture is a nearly exact match for the trim, creating a cohesive background that sets the colorful furniture off nicely.

Similarly, the furniture and bedding in this bedroom match the wood trim, allowing the blue to really shine.

In this hallway, bursts of color liven up the elegant wood trim, banister, and mystery door- without stealing focus from them.

This is the type of wood that glows, and Jenny and Cristina have enhanced that effect by decorating their hallway in warm, nearly autumnal colors. They were smart to paint the top half of the hall white, allowing that beautiful natural light to bounce around.

(Image credit: Joshua Drew and Charles Hinderliter)

This house features incredible expanses of wood- "trim" is an inadequate term here- so Joshua wisely furnished his dining room with chairs with dynamic woodgrains and fascinating finishes. Rather than simply being more of the same, the chairs are set off like jewels.

If denim-on-denim is a Texas Tuxedo or Canadian Tuxedo, what shall we call wood-on-wood? This cabin proves that too much of a good thing is often just the right amount. The ample windows and bookshelves prevent the wood walls from feeling claustrophobic while simple furnishings help create that coveted airy-yet-cozy Scandinavian vibe.

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