No Yard, Balcony or Porch? How to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home Anyway

updated Jun 5, 2019
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If you’ve been looking through our outdoor area-maximizing guides this summer and feeling bummed because you don’t have a big area to yourself to clean or decorate, fear not! There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in whatever home you’ve got. Here are some ideas.

First of all, do you really not have any outdoor space? Or is it just super tiny?
Because let me tell you, you can do a lot with a little. As these inspiring small spaces prove. But even just a front stoop can be improved with a lovely doormat, a few plants in colorful pots and a welcoming wreath!

If you really don’t have any outdoor space at all, can you maximize your window?
What about creating a window seat to enjoy some sun rays while reading a book? Check out this window seat inspiration:

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  • Window Seats Throughout the Home

Don’t dismiss the power of a good window box full of bountiful plants
Even if you don’t have a yard with grass to stretch your toes out in or a balcony to fill with container plants, you can still bring together the power couple of sunshine and plants with window boxes or even just plants littering your window sill. For inspiration and ideas:

The next best thing: Picnic in or out!
Throw a picnic on your living room floor! Or in your bedroom if that’s where the good sunshine pours in. Throw open those drapes and open the window if the weather permits and enjoy the pleasures of a bug-free meal with all the fun of a real picnic. Ideas below (and of course, these are all great ideas for an actual picnic at a local park if your living room isn’t quite outdoorsy enough for you):

Have you used some of our ideas and tips as inspiration in your outdoor space? We want to hear about it! Email me, tag us in social media or comment below!

(Image credit: Janel Laban)
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