The $15 Renter-Friendly Find That Makes Hanging Curtains a Breeze

published Jul 15, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

From access to certain amenities to the ability to make a quick phone call when something goes wrong and get it fixed in half the time, there are a lot of advantages to being a renter. But if there’s one downside that immediately comes to mind, it’s the lack of customization you may be allowed in your space. For instance, there are a lot of folks out there who don’t think twice about making holes in the wall, but for others, the mere thought of being seen with a drill in hand will leave them in a cold sweat. So what’s a responsible renter supposed to do? It’s simple: get creative! With many people facing the same renting hurdles, the internet is filled with tons of rental hacks and products designed to save the day and your deposit. One product that’s taking the internet by storm? The NONO Bracket, a renter-friendly curtain hanger that requires no drilling. Yep, you read that right, no drill curtain brackets.

Now before we get into things, I should mention there’s one caveat to the NONO Bracket: you need to have an existing blind set-up as this is where the bracket is attached. However, with many apartments equipped with standard Venetian blinds, there’s a good chance that most of you will find this tool extremely handy. Available in both inside and outside mounted blind styles, setting it up couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to do it: Simply loosen the center screw on the bracket (this will help you get a secure fit), place the bracket onto your blind in the desired spot, and tighten the screw. That’s it — no drilling, no extensions, nada.

With an almost five-star rating and hundreds of positive reviews, the NONO Bracket is a hit with Amazon shoppers, with one sharing, “[The NONO Bracket] was so easy to install. The best part was I didn’t need to make holes in my wall, I just hooked one on each end of my existing vertical blinds, and added the rods to hang the drapes. It took less than 10 minutes to complete everything. I definitely would recommend [it] to anyone who wants to hang drapes up over their existing blinds without drilling more holes in the walls.” They’re also professionally adored with another reviewer sharing, “I work in an apartment community and I hate the vertical blinds. I saw these and gave them a try — they are awesome! Work just as advertised. I tell my residents about them all the time. Why not? They help prevent damage to the wall and help save them money and time.”

But perhaps the best review I came across touched on how much this product made one reviewer really love their home. “I live in an apartment, I never thought I could have curtains (so sick of blinds!),” they wrote. “Now I have curtains up in every room and I’m not kidding when I say that it changed my life. I feel like my home is so much more homey and comfy, I love the way the light shines through my new curtains. Thank you NONO for creating! I have a new love for my home!”

The NONO Bracket comes in at $15 for a set of two making it an affordable renter-friendly find, too (for larger windows, the NONO Bracket is also available in sets of three). Best of all, they come in multiple finishes, from nickel to brass and more, meaning there’s a set out there guaranteed to work with your space. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got an order to place.

Buy: NONO Bracket, $14.95