This Is the $23 Little Luxury from Amazon I Wish I’d Bought for My Walls Sooner

published Sep 2, 2023
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light grey blue walls with wainscot trim, antique details on gold mirror and chandelier, with large art on the wall

As a design enthusiast, I’m always brainstorming new ways to make my apartment feel a little more luxe, even though I’m a renter and cannot make any changes that are too aggressive, like swapping out my unsightly kitchen countertops. In the two years I’ve lived in my New York City apartment, I’ve tackled a ton of projects, some of which include adding picture frame molding to my living room walls, painting my bedroom walls and ceilings, replacing my unit’s builder-grade light fixtures with my own, and even bringing in a faux fireplace mantel.

You’d think that because I’ve taken on so many larger projects, I would’ve already taken care of every small, inexpensive upgrade that exists, but that actually hasn’t been the case. I’m still consistently getting inspired by new ideas for little ways to add even more charm to a space that’s on the older side. My latest obsession? Removing my boring, off-white plastic switch plate covers and replacing them with some antique-looking, brass finished beauties from Amazon. 

I didn’t want to spend too much money on replacing my switch plates, given that my previous light switch covers weren’t bothering me that much. At the same time, I figured that if I was going to go through the effort of making this small upgrade, I should select new switch plates I’d actually enjoy looking at every day.

When I found these covers for $22.50 each on Amazon, I was instantly sold. Not only was the price right, the antique finish spoke to me. I love decorating my apartment with vintage-inspired pieces, and I’m happy to report these covers blend in with my aesthetic perfectly. However, if this isn’t your vibe, Amazon stocks all kinds of switch plate covers that range in appearance from super-sleek and modern to more ornate and old school, like these. There’s a cover for every kind of light setup you could imagine, too: outlets, double rockers, single to triple toggles, and more.

Credit: Sarah Lyon

The switch plate covers were incredibly easy to install in just minutes, and the finish really pops against my walls, which are fairly muted in color. Every time I see them, I have to stop and admire them. And I interact with them daily, too, so I’m smiling pretty often. 

The finish has held up well, and they’re easy to wipe down if you start seeing little fingerprints appearing (though I really haven’t, since I tend to just touch the switch itself). They also feel sturdy and look incredibly convincing as “originals” even though they are just period-inspired reproductions suited for more modern electric setups.

If there’s a small upgrade like this that you’ve been putting off in your own home, just go ahead and cross it off the list on a long weekend or whenever you can find the time for it. It’s often the small home upgrades that will really make all of the difference in your day to day, after all.

Buy: Nostalgic Warehouse Meadows Switch Plate, $22.50