You’ll Never Overcook Rice Again, Thanks to NutriBullet’s New EveryGrain Cooker

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Credit: NutriBullet

Some meals just don’t feel quite complete without a hearty grain like rice, quinoa, or barley. But cooking grains to tender perfection every time? That’s another story! Grains can go from uncooked and crunchy to a gluey, mushy mess before you know it. Unless, that is, you have a handy gadget to help — like NutriBullet’s newest product, the EveryGrain Cooker. Just launched today, this intuitive machine takes all the guesswork out of grains, leaving you with perfectly prepped meals every time.

If you’ve ever used a rice cooker, you know how easy they are to operate. Rice and liquid in, press on, rice out, done. NutriBullet takes that concept one step further with five auto-cook programs to make everything from that protein-packed quinoa to flavorful farro and yes, of course, rice. The magic of the EveryGrain is that it can detect the water evaporation inside. Once the water is gone, the grain is done, and you’re left with an expertly cooked batch. Nothing scorched or stuck at the bottom of the pot, no extra stirring, gloppy mess, or wondering if you’ve timed it right. 

Speaking of time: Not ready to eat quite yet? No problem. The machine automatically flips to “keep warm” mode for when you’re ready. And it’s more than just a grain maker. The EveryGrain also includes a steamer basket to pull double duty. You can steam veggies and fish separately or get more bang for your buck and steam everything while the grain is cooking. A whole meal in one pot? Yes, please! It also cooks up to 10 cups in one shot, making this a meal prep machine if you want to batch cook.

Now that you don’t have to worry about overcooked grains, think of all the perfectly hearty meals you can make. Warm farro salad, parmesan barley bowls, easy shrimp stir-fry, even rice pudding — do it all with one simple click of the EveryGrain Cooker. Well, after one simple click adding this to your cart, of course. 

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