NY Good Questions: How Can I Hide These Security Bars?

updated May 10, 2019
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Hello AT,

I’m looking for a solution to hide really ugly security bars on my living room window.

I need a solution that still allows light to enter the room because the room is dark.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks! Emily

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Dear Emily,

This is a perennial NYC question and one that we wish was answerable by simply saying TAKE THE BARS DOWN, but we know that is not reasonable for everyone.

First of all make sure that your window and the bars are super clean (to let as much light through as possible) and that the bars are as well painted as possible. While white may be your favorite, Wende has a point here:

you could always paint the grate roughly the same color as whatever the window looks out on, so that the grid blends into the view rather than matching your wall. This would work better with a fairly uniform view, such as someone’s else’s wall.

It is true that both white and black tend to stick out more, so something more neutral can actually take up less visual space.

We like what you’ve done so far with the curtains, but if you want to go further, get a sheer linen panel (Pottery Barn has a bunch) and hang it flat from a pressure rod at the top of the frame. Have it hemmed so it comes just to the bottom of the gate and hangs flat against it. This will cover, but allow a nice amount of light through. It is also easy to take off and clean.

Anyone else?

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