You’re Probably Forgetting This Type of Art Exists, and You Can Find It on Etsy for Less than $50 a Pop

published Oct 25, 2022
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Living room with gallery wall
Credit: IKEA

Objet d’art has long been an essential piece of the decor equation — these items are the eye-catching finishing touch that every room vignette needs to tell a unique story. If you’re not visiting galleries on the regular or have a limited budget for these extras, finding the right dimensional decor item at a reasonable price can feel impossible.

I have repeatedly roamed the aisles and scrolled the pages of many retail stores hoping a new decor line would wow me in the whimsy department, but 95 percent of the time, there’s not a single objet d’art nestled between the rows of frames, vases, and wall signs.

Thankfully, there’s a place where you can find an endless assortment of objets d’art — many well under $50 and available in the color or finish of your choosing! — and I only needed to buy a personalized blanket for my newborn niece to remember. It’s Etsy, and it’s also my new go-to for one-of-a-kind objets d’art, and it should be yours, too. No matter your budget or design style, inspiring options designed by artisans around the world exist on Etsy by the hundreds (maybe thousands?). Now the question isn’t where to find interesting and affordable objets, it’s where to style them in your home.  

Credit: Etsy

Wood bead garlands 

I like the look of a wood bead garland draped across a coffee table book or tray, but they also look lovely spilling out of a basket or bowl — even a wide-mouth vase. On Etsy, you can find decorative garlands in countless wood finishes, sizes, and shapes which means you can style this objet in a couple of places around your home without it feeling repetitive. 

Credit: Etsy

Animal figurines 

A pair of animal statues provide a vignette in and of themselves, but they can also add life to a mantel or bookshelf. Place one so it peeks out from behind a large planter, vase, or picture frame, or let one be an unexpected companion for you soap pump in the guest bath. 

Credit: Etsy

Sculptural vases 

Gorgeous even without flowers is my vase pre-requisite, and Etsy doesn’t disappoint. With so many options, you can easily find a collection of petite vases to arrange down the center of your dining table and display a very different set of two on your living room end table or console. When company’s coming, pop in a couple of fresh blooms, or tuck in a few sprigs of dried Eucalyptus as a year-round accessory.  

Credit: Etsy

Book weights 

Beyond classic bookends, Etsy is home to handcrafted heavyweight objects that you may not think to search for but are so fun to scroll through when you find them! From arches to knots to geometric shapes, these objets are perfect for propping up a row of books or styling on top of a short stack of beautiful spines. Count on them to add oomph to practically any flat surface in your home. 

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Credit: Etsy


You can find a whole world of inspiring thinkers and doers on Etsy that deserve a place on your console table or office desk. I’m particularly smitten with the statues designed to hang off a bookshelf or ledge, too. 

Credit: Etsy

Shapely trays 

For smaller surfaces, like nightstands and entryway tables, shapely trays are pretty and practical for corralling jewelry or setting a shelfie scene for a candle or diffuser. So many Etsy makers offer a ton of color and finish choices, which means you can really customize the decor exactly for the space you want to see it in. 

Credit: Etsy

Quirkly collections

Personally, I love the design flexibility a number of smaller objets gives you compared to one larger one because you can arrange littles to perfectly fill any blank spot you have. On a deep console or shelf, you can group them tightly together, but on a window sill or ledge you may need to spread them out. On Etsy, artisans offer different sizes that can be bought separately, which makes it super-easy to mix and match. 

Credit: Etsy


Etsy also brings humor and wit to objets d’art. Take the bust category, for example. Thanks to unexpected, colorful accessories and innovative designs (hello, multi-functional vessel) these classic pieces are irresistible for decorators and unforgettable for houseguests.  

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