This Woman’s ‘The Office’-Themed Bridal Shower Would Be Approved by The Finer Things Club

published Mar 10, 2019
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(Image credit: Photo Courtesy of Kayleigh Brown)

Everyone has that one TV show that just makes them happy, no matter how many times they’ve watched all of the episodes. For quite a few people, that show is “The Office.” The show is the most-watched TV program on Netflix, with nearly twice the views that “Friends” gets, according to data released in 2018. Now, you might think that you love “The Office,” but when you see this bride-to-be’s shower, you’re going to realize you might not be quite as big of a fan as she is.

Kayleigh Brown is just like us, which means she enjoys having “The Office” on in the background whenever she is home. She actually got into the show because of her fiancé, Ian. He found out she’d never seen the show before and was shocked. So, of course, a binge began and Kayleigh finished the series in under a month. According to Kayleigh, ever since then, it has been her and Ian’s go-to background show. The couple loves the show so much, when it came time to create their wedding website ahead of their upcoming nuptials, they decided to go with and their hashtag is #threatlevelwedding. Kayleigh picked “That’s What She Said” as the signature drink at the wedding.

Knowing how much Kayleigh loves “The Office,” her bridesmaids set to work on putting together the perfect bridal shower for her. The group worked their crafty magic and managed to make almost the entire shower DIY. Just look at the little Serenity by Jan candles! How creative is that?

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(Image credit: Photo Courtesy of Kayleigh Brown)

When speaking with Apartment Therapy, Kayleigh said, “All of us are very crafty and have side businesses, two of my girls and myself included frequently vend craft fairs and conventions, so all of the tables were our own. Almost all of the decorations were hand-made, some were purchased and altered slightly to fit the theme better.”

One of Kayleigh’s bridesmaids, her friend Debbie, runs a bakery called Bake My Day. Debbie made Butterbeer cake, lemon blueberry cupcakes, and almond sugar cookies, which sported quotes and little nods to “The Office.” Of course, there was a “the worst part about prison was the dementors” cookie.

Her matron of honor thought of the hilarious beet centerpieces, while another bridesmaid, Brandee, planned the Stanley pretzel station. And we all know how important Pretzel Day is to Stanley! Her bridesmaid Sama supplied the backdrops and camera for the photo booth, while other bridesmaid Lauren put together a slideshow that made everyone in attendance cry. One of our favorite pieces of the decor was the “It Is Your Bridal Shower” banner, which was a perfect shout out to when Dwight and Jim tried to throw Kelly a birthday party on “The Office.”

Kayleigh shared photos from her bridal shower on Facebook and they went viral pretty quickly. The post has over 23,000 likes, 50,000 comments, and 60,000 shares. With friends like this, we’re sure Kayleigh is pretty much set for life. This bridal shower surely gets the seal of approval from The Finer Things Club and Michael Scott himself.