One Good Thing: The Best Spice Solution with Magnetic Spice Shelves & Jars

published Mar 25, 2021
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Welcome back to One Good Thing @ Home!

YOU’RE GOING TO FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS WEEK’S EPISODE! This may be my all time favorite because I discovered this really simple DIY to clean up my spice drawer and move everything to the wall. It’s easy, for everyone and GREAT.

Problem: my spice drawer was filling up with lots of store bought bottles, and I wasn’t able to find things easily, AND I wanted to use the drawer for other things, so I bought this kit from MakeRoomNY on Etsy that transfers all of my spices to the wall above my counter in a super pleasing and easy to use way.

This week I walk you through the project, fill and label all the bottles, and then mount the shelves with 3M double sided tape (included) so I don’t even need tools (really). Check it and enjoy this extremely pleasing before and after.

In This Episode: