One Incredibly Easy Way to Deal With an Unchangeable Home Feature

published Apr 26, 2016
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(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

Unless you designed and built your entire home yourself, chances are that no matter how much you love where you live, there’s something about the space you wish you could change (but, due to lots of reasons you might not be able to). I’ve written before about how to deal with home things you hate, but this might be the easiest advice to take yet.

→ Just flat-out embrace it.

(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

When Kirsty and Simon moved into this rental, there was A LOT to love, from the gorgeous wood walls to that circular kitchen window and more. It’s a gorgeous home without doubt.

But it also has some unique (to put it lightly) wall-to-wall carpet choices. A deep crimson red, slightly patterned, sets an unusual tone in the living room.

(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

An exuberant floral-meets-botanical pattern graces an upstairs office and bedroom. It’s the kind of pattern you might see in an airport or perhaps a Las Vegas casino. But though it’s not the typical kind of carpet you see all the time—and it probably wouldn’t have been this stylish family’s first choice—they’ve learned to embrace these quirky carpets:

From the tour:

“Kirsty says although it wouldn’t be their choice, the bright red carpet has grown on them over the years. It certainly adds character!”

So there you have it! Sometimes embracing your home’s unwanted quirks (AKA doing nothing) can be just the thing to create a unique home.