One Space, Two Styles: See a Copenhagen Apartment Evolve

updated Oct 15, 2022
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Every home is a work in progress — maybe you think you’re done decorating and then you see something really great that you just can’t pass up, or you’re really happy with your look for a long time until you suddenly decide it’s time to change everything up. Or maybe your style is something that slowly evolves over the years, as your taste and your particular needs change. Usually design blogs only capture a space at one particular point in time, but every once in a while, you’ll see a space that has been photographed for multiple publications over the years, which creates a unique opportunity to see the ways a single space has evolved over time.

We’re creating a new feature (get excited!) called One Space, Two Styles, that will take a look at the evolution of some very lovely spaces. First up, fashion designer Heidi Hofmann’s Copenhagen home, photographed in 2014 for Bolig and then again in 2016 for Elle Denmark. A lot of the elements you’ll recognize from both pictures — but there are also some pretty interesting changes.

The apartment’s living room, seen above, at left in 2014 and at right in 2016, has gone through some pretty significant changes. The bones of the space are the same, as are the artwork, the accent tables, and the dramatic Prouvé Potence lamp. But the newer space reveals a move toward a more clean-lined, tailored modernism. The Moroccan boucherouite rug has been replaced with a more neutral Beni Ourain one, which lets the new blue velvet sofa (or is it a re-covering of the old one?) take center stage, color-wise. A comfortable (but sleek!) lounge chair has replaced the old wooden side chair.

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In the bedroom (seen in 2014, at left, through the dining room) there’s also evidence of a move from a rambunctious, playful style to a more collected, tailored feel. The bedroom has also gone through a few changes, the biggest of which is the new headboard, which definitely imparts to the space a more grown-up feel. The newer space also features linen bedding, which adds a nice bit of texture to a mostly neutral room.

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In the newer version of the apartment, the color blue is a theme throughout, and the kitchen is no exception. Otherwise the space is basically the same from one photoshoot to another, but in the later version of the apartment the cabinets take on a beautiful, light-blue hue.

Want to see more? Visit Bolig for the 2014 version of the apartment’s design, and Elle Denmark for the 2016 version. How many changes can you spot?