This Home’s “Open Concept” Bathroom Is Deeply Troubling Redditors

published Nov 19, 2023
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From the outside, this 1914 farmhouse for sale in Denver seems like a dream home for anyone looking for ample charm with modern updates and amenities. And while the two-bedroom house comes with two bathrooms, one of them is situated in the bedroom… as in, with no walls or division between the sleeping space and the bathroom space.

The home’s only bathroom in the main living area is a “a gorgeous three-quarter bathroom,” giving guests the option of using the primary bath upstairs or the (ahem) bonus bath that sits smack in the middle of the second bedroom on the main floor. Inexplicably covered in black and white checkered tile on the walls and floor, the bathroom space includes a shower stall with a see-through glass door, a sink that’s partially covered by a waist-high wraparound wall, and a toilet that is, well, mostly visible to anyone else in the room. It also might have a hidden tub, though it’s tough to tell based on the photos given in the listing.

There’s no word on why the bathroom has such a baffling design and layout, but Redditors on r/zillowgonewild came through with plenty of NSFW and NSFL jokes about the curious “open-concept bathroom” in this $500,000 listing.

“It looks cute but it’s just weird,” wrote one person. “There is a tub to the right of the shower. And putting the washer/dryer in the closet of the second bedroom when there is a basement? Some strange choices were made.” The original poster (OP) replied, “I didn’t actually notice the bathtub to the right. I thought it was just a weird shelf that was being setup as a ‘reading nook’ or something since there’s a chair right next to it. But sure, let’s have a sitting area right next to your in-bedroom bath tub.”

“It’s a cute house but those terrible plumbing decisions are a deal killer,” wrote another person. “I’m convinced someone used the Sims as drafting software and forgot to turn wall cutaways off,” joked another. “I literally have nightmares about this kind of situation,” shared yet another. 

One user summed it up perfectly, writing: “I love open concept but this is too far.”