I Switched from Fluffy Pillows to This Unique Memory Foam Version and I Only Wish I Had Done It Sooner

published Jan 30, 2024
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Green walls in a bedroom with a white ceiling and wood accents
Credit: Carina Romano

Up until recently, my philosophy when it came to pillows was the fluffier, the better. In fact, when I moved out of state for college, I took my years-old, marshmallow-soft one with me, and in the years since, I’ve towed it around between multiple dorm rooms and apartments. It seemed to be working for me in terms of my quality of sleep — or so I thought — and I never felt the need to change it up. However, since I started my gig here at Apartment Therapy last year, I’ve had the opportunity to trade out my old bedding for some new gear, and Iet me tell you: I’ve never slept through the night better.

Now, I’m of the opinion that if there’s one thing you should invest in and spend a few extra bucks on, it’s bedding. A new pillow is the perfect way to start your upgrade; compared to a mattress, it’s a small way to make a huge difference. Allow me to point you toward Ostrichpillow’s Memory Foam Bed Pillow. When I first laid eyes on it, I was doubtful because it was a total departure from my regular, cloud-like pillow. However, now that I’m several months in, I completely swear by it for the best possible snooze.

What is the Memory Foam Bed Pillow?

The Memory Foam Bed Pillow features an ergonomic shape that’ll support your head and neck no matter what position you lay in — even if you’re a combination sleeper like me and shift from your back to your side to your stomach throughout the night. The pillow offers different heights in different areas: The center is its lowest point that will cradle your head, while the surrounding edges slope upward. According to the diagram on the brand’s website, the center edges are where back and stomach sleepers should place their heads, and side sleepers should move toward the far left or right edges. Either way, it’ll fit the curve of your neck — the brand even claims that the medium-density foam will relax your muscles because it evenly absorbs pressure. What’s more, the pillow is constructed with open channels on the inside, which allows air to circulate and cool you down.

Credit: OstrichPillow

Why I Love the Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Trust me: If you’re a fluffy pillow lover like myself, do yourself a favor and don’t immediately rule this one out. Even though it looks fairly flat, this pillow completely cradles my head in a way that’s just the right balance of supportive and cushiony. I move around quite a bit in my sleep, and not once have I ever woken up with the need to adjust like I used to with my old pillow. Since it’s memory foam — as opposed to down fill — it never gets lumpy or requires fluffing. It’s even comfortable when I wedge my arm underneath it, which is what I usually end up doing before I fall asleep. Further, the pillow’s cover is so smooth on my skin and stays cool to the touch all night long (which I’m sure is helped along by the air channels on the inside). 

Last but certainly not least, though I personally don’t deal with neck pain, a number of reviewers confirm that the pillow has helped lessen — if not completely eliminate — it. “I struggle with neck and shoulder tension which can keep me up at night,” one shopper wrote. “This pillow has been wonderful at easing this and allowing me to be comfortable at night!”

As much love as I still have for my previous pillow, I think Ostrichpillow’s offering has made me a memory foam convert. One reviewer even said that they were planning on packing it in their suitcase when they travel — I just might do the same thing. It’s that good.