The Small Appliances We’d Bring to a Deserted Island

published Nov 29, 2017
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The “stranded island test” is a good way to think about the products you use that you really, truly love. I asked the Apartment Therapy editors what one small appliance they’d bring along if we were all whisked away to an island in the middle of nowhere (where electric outlets may or may not exist, but that part isn’t supposed to matter).

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For me, I’d take my stick/immersion blender, because a life without instant homemade mayonnaise is a life I no longer wish to return to.

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“Assuming that Polar and La Croix are absent from said tropical paradise… I’m going to have to choose my Sodastream. Life without fizzy water isn’t worth living. #threepumpsformaximumbubbles” —Tara Bellucci, News & Culture

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“Ok, honestly… I’d take my compact little shopvac. I moved from a third floor apartment to a ground level loft last year and there are SO many random bugs that make their way in. And they don’t pay rent. So a heavy duty vacuum with a long hose means I can evict them quickly, from a very safe distance. I feel like the desert island would also have strange bugs I don’t want to deal with, so I’d keep the vacuum close.” —Taryn Williford, Lifestyle

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“I don’t know that it’s my most beloved appliance (I think that honor has to go to my waffle iron) but if I had to be stranded with only one, it’d be my toaster oven. I lived — not by my choice — without a toaster or toaster oven for two years and learned that you don’t realize how many things you toast on a regular basis until you suddenly can’t toast them anymore. I don’t know how much toasting I’d be doing on a desert island but who wants to take that risk?” —Brittney Morgan, Lifestyle

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“Can it be one I don’t actually own but would like and definitely use? Electric tea kettle for me, please. Specifically this one.” —Adrienne Breaux, Tours

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“Oh god, I mean, considering I’d ALSO strap a stick blender to my body in adoration, I guess my runner up would have to be my Nespresso machine. I mean, how on earth could I survive on a desert island in the middle of nowhere without that thing? So many sunrises and sunsets to watch from the shore, I’m going to need to be hopped up on caffeine to make it through after what I can imagine will be night after night of back-breaking sleep in a hammock or tree (because I can’t sleep on the ground…too many bugs). And lucky for me, my Nespresso machine has a built in milk frother. Yippee! I can make my own nut milks and froth them up for my morning cappuccinos under that palm tree!” —Arlyn Hernandez, Design

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“Does a waffle iron count? When I moved to NYC and had to downsize, I left behind my Kitchen Aid mixer and waffle iron, and I feel like this is Pinterest sacrilege, and I haven’t really thought abut my mixer, but I miss my waffle iron every single Saturday. So I think I’d bring that — after a hard week of sun and foraging, it would be nice to treat everyone to a waffle (topped with all that wonderful tropical fruit!! can’t wait!!).” —Nora Taylor, News & Culture

“Living in a tiny apartment in New York has been a lesson in how easily one adapts to life after appliances. I can barely even remember what it was like to have a dishwasher. But if I were stranded on a desert island, I would want a waffle maker. I don’t currently own a waffle maker, but to me it represents the kind of perfect, artisanal breakfast life that is just out of my reach. Awaiting rescue, I would make waffles (don’t ask me where I got the batter) and adorn them with foraged berries that might or might not kill me, because nothing goes better with breakfast than the spectre of death.” —Nancy Mitchell, Design

Who would have guessed so many waffle irons? Your turn — what small appliance would you beg to be stranded with (plus, of course, the imaginary electricity)?