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Our Founder and CEO’s “Color Crush” Is a Rich Throwback to Old World Charm

published May 1, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Kate Clarkson, Design: Creative Studio
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Credit: Creative Studio

We’re asking some of the most stylish people we know for their 2024 Color Crush: the hue that’s lighting up their mood boards and room redos this year. Learn more about the colors they chose, then find more inspiration with our innovative image search, powered by Sherwin-Williams.

Sometimes color can sneak up on you. A certain hue catches your eye once or twice, maybe at a friend’s house or your favorite coffee shop. Then, suddenly, it seems to be everywhere you look: a sure sign that your new favorite color has arrived!

We have a feeling that’s exactly what’s about to happen with Apartment Therapy founder and CEO Maxwell Ryan’s 2024 Color Crush: Burgundy SW 6300 by Sherwin-Williams. Maxwell first noticed this rich, earthy red popping up in photos of readers’ homes, and then it landed a spot in the Apartment Therapy 2024 State of Home Design predictions.

Why Maxwell Loves Burgundy

“Burgundy is a really strong, dark, but ultimately warm color that we’ve seen growing in our readers’ homes,” Maxwell says. “It signals to me a new direction from the past few years. Personally, I’ve been drawn lately to old English homes that turn to an older, darker palette — so this really speaks to me as well!”

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Maxwell especially likes employing this rich shade — and similar deep pinkish reds — in smaller areas in the home. These cozy pops of color can offer an unexpected touch of moodiness without overwhelming. “For dark colors like this, I like to tuck them into hallways, offices, and bedrooms as an accent wall behind the bed.”

Colors That Work Well with Burgundy

When thinking about how this luscious shade can work in a home, Maxwell suggests a trio of warm, organic neutrals that together form a handsome palette: High Reflective White SW 7757, Rivers Edge SW 7517, and Java SW 6090.

“I always look at colors in groups, since that’s the way they come in nature and work best in a home,” Maxwell says. “This group was inspired by a beautiful photograph of an old English bathroom. I pulled High Reflective White from the sink, Rivers Edge from the light wood floors, and Java from a deep brown side table that sat perfectly in the picture.”

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Find Your Own Inspiration

Take it from Maxwell: Photos are an endless source of ideas for making a color palette your own! The innovative Apartment Therapy image search, powered by Sherwin-Williams, can help by putting thousands of house tour photos at your fingertips. Explore by color, room, decor style, and more — but that’s only the beginning!

You can also use any photo to generate a customized paint palette based on the image, so you can get started bringing your vision to life. And with our new Color Collector, powered by Sherwin-Williams, you can upload any photo to generate a personalized color palette recommendation. Try using a photo of your favorite art or decor to choose the perfect coordinating wall color. The tool works with images of rooms, outfits, travels — whatever you can dream up!

When you’re trying to unify colors from room to room, working with a whole house color palette is a great way to create a sense of cohesion. And once you’re ready to turn inspiration into action, Sherwin-Williams makes it easy to select your shades with confidence. With Peel & Stick samples and FREE color chips, you can be sure your color picks will live up to your vision. Your project just might become someone else’s inspiration!