PSA: Our Place Just Launched Four New Kitchen Must-Haves Just in Time for the Holidays

published Oct 26, 2022
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You know that middle school crush you had? The one with the wheelie backpack, confident stride, and perfect hair? That’s kinda how we feel abut Our Place. In the same way you held your breath, feeling blessed to just share the same classroom air as said crush, we get butterflies knowing we’ve got the internet-famous brand‘s essentials hanging out in our very own kitchens. I mean, does it get any better than that?

As it turns out, yes — it does. Just when we thought those design gurus over at Our Place couldn’t make our cheeks any rosier or palms any sweatier, they keep delivering hit after hit with what feels like an endless stream of new, stylish must-haves. Needless to say, we’re totally smitten. And, they’re keeping the launches coming! Today, you can find four new must-haves on their site that are bound to become your new kitchen BFFs.

A literal non-negotiable in every single kitchen out there? A cutting board. This double-sided model is not only fulfilling a daily kitchen need, it’s also serving up some serious looks. In five signature Our Place hues, the 100% recycled board will add a touch of magic to any countertop lucky enough to be graced with its presence. It’s double sided, making for easy, hygienic meal prep; it has non-slip edges so it’ll stay firmly in place as you slice and dice; and it has a specially formulated textured surface that conceals knife marks and keeps your blade sharp. Um, we’ll take one in each color please!

We love an add-on that makes the fan-fave Always Pan even more than a seven-in-one piece of cookware. Now, not only can you use the essential to braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, and boil, you can also use it for perfectly fluffy eggs thanks to the brand new (and super cute) Egg Poacher. Just lay the nylon holder onto the rim of your Always Pan (or Perfect Pot!) and let the flexible, colorful silicone baskets hang out in boiling water until your eggs are cooked to your liking. Because the baskets are perforated, your eggs will cook evenly from all angles, so you can say bye bye to overcooked whites forever. Plus, once you’ve indulged in your yolk-centric breakfast, just pop all the parts in the dishwasher and you’ll be good to go the next morning!

Third up to bat! Our Place beat us to the pun with this one, but we’ll say it anyways: These multifunctional snippers are shear genius. Your new turn-to for snipping, stripping, trimming, de-boning, box-breakdowns (check out that little arm on the back of the handle that’ll slice through packing tape effortlessly), and more, you can rest assured these funky things will stay seriously sharp no matter what task you challenge them with. Their rounded soft-grip handles also make for precise cuts as they give you ultimate control over the stainless-steel blades. Oh, and did we mention they’re the best-looking pair of shears we’ve ever seen?

The final act in this epic set of new launches? A limited edition Heirloom Set. The set is composed of the new-ish cast-iron Always Pan and an every-cooks-dream, handcrafted Moroccan Tagine in a timeless black glaze. The Tagine traps moisture and results in unbelievably succulent meats and veggies, and the skillet, well, it’s a do-it-all essential that should live on your stovetop no matter what kind of cook you are. The duo’s interior is coated with a matte finish that works to achieve a perfectly caramelized crust or a golden sear. It’s easy-to-clean, compatible with all stovetops, and a complete head-turner.

No matter how you shop or what you add to cart (add it all, we say!), once you get these goods into your home, believe us, your kitchen will thank you.

Buy: Daily Board, $40; Egg Poacher, $45

Buy: Shear Genius, $25; Heirloom Set, $225

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