7 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer (Without a Swimming Pool)

published Aug 7, 2018
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(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Few things make the scorching summer heat more bearable than jumping into a sparkling swimming pool. But what to do when you don’t have access to one?

Fret not my sweaty friends, there are still plenty of ways to cool off outside this summer without a proper swimming pool, it just takes a little imagination. From sprinkler balls to water balloons, here are seven H2O-friendly ideas for staying cool this summer—sans the swimming pool.

1. Play in Sprinklers

Nothing like a good old fashioned set of sprinklers to help beat the deep summer heat. Connect a set of vamped-up sprinklers, like these pipeline sprinklers from Target, to your garden hose and splash around in your very own mini water fountain.

2. Get a Portable Pool

If you aren’t already hip to portable pools, now’s the time to smarten up. Cute, cool, and surprisingly affordable, portable pools, like this inflatable one from Amazon, can comfortably hold two adults (and usually cost less than a hundred bucks).

3. Find an Adult-Size Waterslide

Nothing screams: “summer nostalgia” quite like an old school waterslide. Believe it or not, they actually sell adult-sized ones, such as this 50-foot long slide from Amazon, so you can slip ‘n’ slide to your heart’s content all summer long.

4. Buy a Sprinkler Ball

Looking for a lawn sprinkler with a little more oomph? This huge Splash and Spray Balloon on Amazon inflates in seconds and connects to your water hose to spray water out its top and sides—kind of like a blowup water fountain.

5. Water Balloons

Who says you’re too old for a playful water balloon fight with your friends? One hundred of these instant water balloons on Amazon fill up in less than sixty seconds, and provide more than enough H2O to cool off while providing nostalgic fun.

6. Setup a Portable Shower

Why settle for a boring old pool when you can have a private outdoor shower instead? This portable shower on Amazon—which boasts a detachable showerhead and a flexible stem on sand-filled base—attaches easily to any standard garden hose and will only set you back about $90.

7. Play Limbo

Okay, I know this one is a little wild but bear with me. This four-and-a-half foot tall inflatable limbo sprinkler comes with an adjustable bar and built-in water chutes, so you can hang it on the highest setting and still have plenty of room to get down—and cooled off—with your friends.