This TikToker Shared Her Extremely Large Bed, and the Internet Is Jealous

published Apr 1, 2023
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TikTok users are astounded and perplexed by the biggest bed they’ve ever seen. In the following video, there’s a bed so huge that it appears to be four single beds combined — enough to span the length of the large room it’s in.

According to the bed’s owner, they bought four small frames for the base, two mattresses for the middle, and a mattress topper from Big Mattress Co, all of which arrived via a forklift and took an hour to install. 

She also explained that they decided to get such an oversized bed because the average person spends 26 years (that’s about a third of a lifetime) sleeping.

Of course, the comments section had questions. “How would you even wash the comforter?” a user asked, to which another answered: “In the pool.”

Many others had jokes, too. 

“And my husband would still breathe on my face.”

“My dog would still manage to take up the whole bed.”

“Imagine having to put on a duvet. [It would] take me at least three business days.”

“It would be an Olympic sport to put on those sheets.”

For those wondering about how big the bed actually is, four twin bed frames pushed together would be 75 inches long by 152 inches wide. If you’d rather not hack your way to a giant bed, the widest size sold by Big Mattress Co. is the Family Bed XL, 84 inches long by 144 inches wide. There’s also the slightly narrower Family Bed, which at 80 inches by 120 inches, which is still quite roomy. The Alaskan King, at 120 by 120 inches, is the largest mattress overall.

But beware: Going bigger than a California King isn’t exactly cheap. On the Big Mattress Co website, the oversized duvet cover starts at $352, the oversized bed sheets at $361, the classic bed frame at $1,699, and the mattress itself at $2,549.

Still, if you like to sleep with limbs out just like a starfish, or if you like having sleepovers with the entire family (including the pets), or want a blanket big enough for your partner to not hog all of it, then this bed size might be for you.