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10 Paint Colors That Will Be Big in 2024, According to Benjamin Moore’s Experts

published Oct 27, 2023
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Credit: Benjamin Moore

It’s the most colorful time of the year! If you’ve been planning a paint project or are suddenly inspired to add more color to your walls, look to Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of the Year: the delightfully violet-and-blue-hued Blue Nova 825. Feeling the blues has never felt so good.

Blue Nova 825 is an alluring mid-tone that balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance,” Andrea Magno, Color Marketing & Development Director at Benjamin Moore, explains. In addition to the moody hue, the color experts at Benjamin Moore also shared the Color Trends 2024 Palette, which includes nine additional paints that bridge the gap between contemporary and classic styles. Find your next dreamy wall color below.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

1. Topaz 070

Three words to know for 2024: Topaz is trending. Benjamin Moore’s Topaz 070 brings it front and center. A warm amber hue like this can transform any living room, bedroom, or home office into a cozy sanctuary.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

2. Pristine OC-75

If you’re a Millennial (or not) who’s looking to move beyond the ubiquitous Millennial Pink, Pristine OC-75 is a subtler expression of that “neutral with attitude” mode. It’s cooler, more subdued, and a little more sophisticated — just like you.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

3. Regent Green 2136-20

Talk about tranquil. Benjamin Moore’s Regent Green 2136-20 feels like taking a nap at dusk under your favorite tree. Deeply hued with a good touch of gray, this might be the calmest color trend we’ve seen coming up in 2024.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

4. Teacup Rose 2170-50

Delicate, dainty, and fancy: Teacup Rose 2170-50 is a gentler twist on the certain trending shade of hot pink that dominated fashion and decor this year. (We love bright pink, but this is a more livable shade for your walls.) Powder room, bedroom — all we can say is it’s uplifting and super cute. Use it for small spaces or an accent wall, and rosé away.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

5. Blue Nova 825

As the official Benjamin Moore Color of the Year, Blue Nova 825 blends violet and blue for a moody, sophisticated look that might inspire you to relax and stare off into your own space. It’s also formulated to play nice with others for a bit of fun and contrast.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

6. White Dove OC-17

White Dove OC-17 is the kind of color that goes with everything. Here, it pairs beautifully with Topaz 070. The shade is perfect for painting a contrasting trim, or an entire room if you want to go peaceful and neutral while still having a little warm color.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

7. Honeybee CSP-950

Have you noticed? In 2024, color trends are going back to nature. Honeybee CSP-950 is a muted shade that would look excellent paired with trim in White Dove OC-17. It’s a soft shade that still makes an impact and has plenty of potential for fun contrast.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

8. Antique Pewter 1560

The experts at Benjamin Moore formulated this color to be elegant and timeless. Antique Pewter 1560 could easily become a forever shade for your bedroom or living room.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

9. Polar Sky 1674

This hue pairs extremely well with bright white trim or bright white furniture for a sophisticated but chill look. Use Polar Sky 1674 for a spa-like bathroom or soothing bedroom.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

10. Hazy Lilac 2116-40

We’ve already said it, but nature-inspired colors are officially in for 2024. Hazy Lilac 2116-40 is elegant, calming, and a little unexpected all at once. Perfect for small spaces, it won’t overwhelm — but will still have a big impact.