I’m Blown Away by This Dated Home’s Curb Appeal Transformation ($200 Went a Long Way!)

published Jun 8, 2024
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Before: house with brown brick and gray vinyl siding, and a bare yard

It’s finally feeling like summer in my neck of the woods, which means I’m starting to pay more attention to the outside of my home than the inside. I’ve been doing a little bit of easy gardening and cleaning up the backyard so that I can enjoy spending time there, but so far I’ve mostly left the front alone. Here’s my controversial take: While the backyard of your home is your own private space, the front is more for your neighbors. They’re the ones who see it more than you do! That’s why I tend to focus more of my efforts in my backyard, but now I’m starting to think about the front yard, too.

As I consider the projects I want to take on this summer to give my home a little curb appeal boost, I’m reminded of this amazing exterior makeover from a few years ago. While I love a huge renovation with dramatic additions and changes, there’s something really satisfying about seeing how much difference a few little tweaks can make! 

There are no major additions here — most of the changes are actually in the landscaping, where the homeowner expanded the garden beds, removed some of the old less-than-exciting shrubs, and relocated some favorites (like that gorgeous Japanese maple), and planted new finds.

The process no doubt took a lot of time and effort, plus a little extra waiting to see the payoff. Young plantings can take a bit of patience!

One change that did have pretty instant results, though, was painting over the beige brick with a deep gray color. The painting project took just $200 but once the brick was painted, the rest of the siding suddenly looked so much better, too.

I love the results of this project, and the reminder that sometimes not everything needs to be changed — if you work strategically and update the bits and pieces that carry a little more weight, you can make it look like you did a lot more work than you actually did. And who doesn’t love to do less work with more payoff? (Me, for one.)

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