Behold, a Kitchen Appliance That Converts Waste Into Soil Within 24 Hours

updated Apr 23, 2021
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Credit: Pela

Sustainable brand Pela, the company behind the first compostable phone cases and other eco-friendly tech accessories, has ventured into the home space. Pela has launched Lomi, a kitchen appliance that will turn food scraps, bioplastics, boxes, and more household waste into dirt within 24 hours — all with a single push of the button. The new product is part of Pela’s ongoing commitment to develop waste management solutions for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. 

“We can make trash a thing of the past” is a slogan used in the promotional video. So, how does the product work? Lomi converts waste into nutrient-rich and non-odorous compost by speeding up the disintegration of food waste into fragmented biomass. The fragmented biomass then provides more surface area for the growth of microbes, accelerating the compost process. The result is a natural soil amendment with macronutrients and micronutrients that can be fed to houseplants, tossed in the garden, or simply discarded in the garbage, according to Pela. 

The Lomi can be pre-ordered and backed on Indiegogo, a Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding platform that helps get new products off the ground and manufactured. The price starts at $299, a 40% discount off the retail price. Consumers can expect to receive the composter by November 2021.

“The arrival of Lomi is the beginning of a new era for Pela, further positioning the brand as a leader within the waste management space,” said Matt Bertulli, CEO and co-founder of Pela. “Similar to having a dishwasher, our goal is for every household to have a Lomi. Its contemporary design and seamless function will make it easier than ever for consumers to shift the way they approach household waste and composting.”

According to the company, Pela customers have eliminated more than 41.8 million plastic bags worth of garbage within the last five years. For more information on the smart kitchen composter, visit Lomi’s Indiegogo page.