These 4 Things Create a “Perfect” Entryway, According to Real Estate Agents

published Oct 11, 2020
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Credit: Franke Chung

When it comes to your home—and plenty of other aspects of life—first impressions mean everything. Your entryway sets the tone for what the rest of the house will be like.

So the next time you embark on home renovations, don’t just brush your entryway aside. Though small, the space abounds with room for creativity, so you can give its decor the TLC it deserves. Whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist style, real estate agents say these four things create the formula for a perfect entryway.

Good lighting

Tricia Lee, a Brooklyn-based real estate broker, doesn’t just see the entryway as the entrance to the home—it’s also the exit. “The last time that you’re going to see yourself before you walk out into the world is also usually in your entryway, so I think it’s important for good lighting—especially for those of us who have to take a last look or an ‘outfit of the day’ shot” she says.

Be it inviting, warm, or luxurious, lighting sets the mood for your home. A tasteful chandelier or fresh light bulbs in your overhead light source are crucial in creating the right ambiance.

A side or console table

Nicole Beauchamp, a global real estate advisor with Engel & Völkers, maintains that a console table is an entryway staple. If you’re short on space, this piece of furniture can serve multiple purposes. “Having that entry side table can be where you drop your keys, where you put your mail,” Beauchamp says. “You can even put a vase with flowers there just to brighten your day.”

According to Lee, this thin table can also be a way for you to show your personality and design aesthetic. You can include artwork, candles, or a small sculpture to incorporate layering. Plus, along with beautifying the entrance of the home, a side table offers functionality. Not only can you place your keys and mask in a tray atop it, but you can also use the space under the table to store an umbrella basket or keep the shoes you wear all the time.

Credit: Minette Hand

A mirror

You can’t have an entryway without a mirror. In a space that can oftentimes feel cramped, a mirror helps broaden the entrance.

It also gives you the chance to see how you’re presenting yourself for the day. It’s natural to check how you look when you step in and out of the house. “Sometimes you have that one hair that comes out of place,” Beauchamp says. “With a mirror, you always take that last look.”


An unexpected entryway component? Wallpaper. It helps give your home a touch of excitement right away. As an added bonus, wallpaper in the entryway offers flexibility. “If you’re afraid to commit to wallpaper in your living room, you could redo your entryway,” Lee says. “It’s something that you can DIY and change it if you hate it.”

If you have an idea for a statement wall, but you’re not ready to take the leap covering a large wall, have fun with your entryway and test it out. Whether it’s classic florals or a more vibrant modern palms print, a small space bedecked in wallpaper is a great chance to ‘wow’ guests entering your home.