Here’s What to Do With That Avalanche of Pillows on Your Bed at Night

published Jan 14, 2022
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Everyone loves a styled bed that features a bevy of coordinating throw pillows, but where do you put them when it’s time to go to sleep? If you’re looking for a streamlined way to store your pillows at night — or even when you sit on your sofa, if you have a surplus of cushions there — you’ve come to the right place. I interviewed a handful of designers and organizers to get their take on where to put all those pillows you love so much. Borrow any of these ideas, and you’ll feel better waking up in the morning knowing the cushions you painstakingly curated are clean and ready to be fluffed — I promise!

Credit: Minette Hand

Invest in a bench for the end of your bed

To pile up your pillows somewhere, you need something to actually stack them on (unless you’re cool with them touching the ground and then potentially your face — no judgement if so). Interior stylist Jenny Reimold suggests getting a bench to do just that. “You can find a variety of bench options at stores like HomeGoods for a great price in high-quality materials like velvet or wicker that include storage,” she said. “This method ensures the pillows are off the floor and are conveniently located for you to easily toss or place the pillows when you’re getting ready for bed.” Not sure if you’ll stick with it or short on space in your bedroom? Borrow a bench from your hallway or living room to see if storing pillows at the foot of your bed works for you.

It might feel excessive to invest in a bench for this purpose, but some people like knowing they have a pretty storage solution. “I’m basing this on exactly zero evidence, but I can say with confidence it just feels better to put things in places that look nice,” said designer Megan Hopp. “Even if no one will ever see your pillows on the floor versus a bench, I will always sleep better knowing they are perfectly perched in a pretty place.”

Credit: Wayfair

Use a pillow fixture

If you hate waking up to see throw pillows strewn across the floor, professional organizers Larisa Bright and Pamela Meluskey, co-founders of Settled, recommend investing in a pillow fixture, which is a four-post rack that you can pile pillows onto neatly. “A pillow fixture is a streamlined, structured option to keep throw pillows off the ground and out of the way when not in use,” they say. You can easily tuck one into a corner of your room so long as you have the space. They come in a variety of finishes and materials, and often the posts are topped in decorative finials, so you can find something that will work with your existing decor. If you’re handy, you could also DIY one out of wood pretty easily.

Opt for open nightstands

Often the best storage solution is one that’s hidden in plain sight. To that end, consider a nightstand with open shelving your best bet for space-saving pillow storage. “A nightstand with open bottom storage is the optimal spot for throw pillows,” say Bright and Meluskey. “Not only are they close to the bed for ease of making and taking down the bed, but they also look beautifully stylized when stored [there].” You can also find headboards with this stealthy storage spot built into them, too, as shown here.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Try an oversized basket or a bin

There is no shortage of decorative baskets in stores, and they’re the perfect solution to hold your decorative pillows while you snooze. “I love using trunks and oversized lidded wicker or seagrass baskets,” says designer Beth Diana Smith, also a style expert for HomeGoods. “Baskets are great for hidden storage and can be beautiful decor pieces!”

Utilize a spare chair

You might be against using a chair as a catchall for almost dirty clothes (everyone is guilty of that one!), but a seat can be a great overnight pillow home. “When it’s time to turn in, I stack my pillows on the chair in the corner of my room, ” says Alessandra Wood, the vice president of style at Modsy. You could also use a smaller stool for this purpose as well, particularly if you’re short on space.

Credit: Liz Kamarul

Streamline your pillow collection

Suppose you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to put your avalanche of throw pillows every night. In that case, designer Caron Woolsey, founder and principal at CW Interiors, suggests making your selection more manageable by getting rid of or donating a few of your cushions. “Less is more — sometimes tucking away a pyramid of pillows is the last thing you or your partner wants to deal with at night,” says Woolsey. “A single, extra-long lumbar pillow can be an elegant and welcome change in elevated bed dressing; simply place it at the foot of your bed at night, no extra storage required!” She’s particularly fond of this abstract, black-and-white design from West Elm.