We’ll Be Seeing More Biophilic Design in 2022, According to Pinterest

published Dec 19, 2021
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Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to trends, Pinterest certainly knows a thing or two about interior design. A treasure trove of visual information, Pinterest serves up everything from storage hacks to free design tips from some of the best in the industry.

The image sharing platform has released its annual trend report for 2022, Pinterest Predicts, releasing more than 175 trends that it’s predicting will become the mainstream trends of the year ahead.  Pinterest worked alongside up-and-coming creators around the world to share exclusive insights, inspiration and ideas to manifest and bring these trends to life through Idea Pins, and in the U.S., Pinterest TV. 

In terms of home trends for the new year, bringing nature in through biophilic design and understated elegance are at the forefront. Below, a rundown of all the interior design trends that we can expect to see throughout 2022, and beyond.

Escapism through design

Throughout a turbulent two years, emotions may have been running high—and having feelings is completely natural. According to Pinterest data, many people are craving emotional escapism in the form of a dedicated room or space within the home. Searches for home massage rooms are up 190%, while rage rooms are 150% more popular than last year. Searches for tiny library rooms have seen a 12% increase and the term “crystal room” are up by 12%.

Biophilic design

According to the report, millennials in particular are looking to incorporate biophilic design into their space, bringing in a deeper connection to nature. The term “biophilic architecture” is up 150%, while searches for staircase gardens have increased by almost 200% (175%). Searches for biophilic design bedrooms have doubled, up 100% since last year, and floral ceilings and biophilic office designs have both seen a rise of 3%.

Understated luxury

In 2022, it’s all adding a touch of luxury to unexpected rooms. While a laundry room doesn’t exactly scream elegance, the search term “luxury laundry room ideas” are up 11%. Addtionally, luxury garage interiors are up 5%, as are luxury kids’ bedrooms, luxury gaming rooms, and luxury basements (all by 2%).

Curves are in

Curved design will be big in 2022, according to the report. User data has seen a 170% increase in the search term “round pool deck ideas“, while “curved bar design” has increased by 140%.

Hellenistic revival

Nostalgia will go back to its roots in 2022, according to the report. People will take inspiration from Ancient Greece from Corinthian home decor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper. The trend is more popular among younger millennials and Gen-Z. The term “Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper” is up by a dramatic 180%, Ancient greece aesthetic has seen a 65% rise, and searches for Corinthian columns have increased by 40%.