Hot Topic Sells a Polly Pocket Makeup Palette and Every ‘90s Kid Is Going to Want One

published Jan 21, 2019
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(Image credit: Hot Topic)

Who didn’t love Polly Pocket growing up? It was one of those toys you could play with for hours on end. If someone pulled out a little Polly Pocket set right now, that would be the easiest way to tell who the ’90s kids are in the room.

The Pocket name comes from the fact that the dolls came inside of pocket-sized compacts. Once you opened the case, it formed a dollhouse that the tiny figurine could fit inside. Along with the dollhouse, Polly Pocket had a huge wardrobe. I wish I had as many dress options as Polly did in the ’90s! Those little rubber dresses were the pinnacle of doll fashion. Polly Pocket was first released by Bluebird Toys in 1989 in the UK, then by Mattel in the U.S. through a distribution agreement. The doll was created by Chris Wiggs way back in 1983 for his daughter. He used a powder compact to create a tiny house for the doll to live inside of.

Thanks to Scary Mommy, we now know that Hot Topic just released their own Polly Pocket-inspired makeup, brushes, and bags. These are perfect for those ’90s kids who still refuse to let go over the ’90s, even though they were 20 years ago. No shame here, we’re the same way. These palettes are actually shaped and open exactly like the old Polly Pocket cases.

(Image credit: Hot Topic)

The eyeshadow product description reads:

Polly Pocket started from a powder compact, and now she’s back to her make up roots with this super cute eyeshadow palette! It’s not quite pocket sized, but the 10 shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, were all inspired by her classic pastel style. The brush has a removable silicone topper shaped like Polly. The packaging is designed to look like a Polly Pocket case, complete with 3D furniture and Polly inside.

Along with the eye shadow, there is also a lip palette compact that comes with four matte lipstick shades, ranging from pink to nude tones. Just like the shadow palette, this also comes with a little Polly Pocket brush.

(Image credit: Hot Topic)

You can get the eye shadow palette from Hot Topic for $16.90. The lip palette retails for $14.90. You can also get this makeup for 20% off using the code HT20 (as of writing, on January 21, 2019). If you’re looking for something cruelty-free, these products fit the mold and they are vegan!

If you don’t want makeup, Hot Topic also has a pop-up brush that opens like a Polly Pocket case. There is also a little, quilted heart crossbody bag with a matching wallet, a mini backpack, and a Polly Pocket crossbody bag shaped like a book.