Watch This TikToker Turn a Pool Noodle into a Cute (and Easy!) Ghost

published Oct 9, 2023
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dog wearing a sheet like a ghost with pumpkin basket in mouth
Credit: Kashaeva Irina for Shutterstock

TikTok user Nina (@casa_anguiano) has come up with a Halloween hack that lets you create a convincing ghost decoration at almost no cost and with minimal effort.

In her video, Nina first takes a pool noodle and wraps it in a pair of jeans, with both ends of the foam serving as the ghost’s legs. Then, she gives it a pair of boots and drapes a white sheet over it. For the finishing touches, Nina sticks on big, dark eyes, plus a ribbon and a Halloween bucket.

And voila! The illusion of a child pretending to be a ghoul, when in fact, it’s just a simple pool noodle underneath.

If you have a bunch of pool noodles around, you could even make more than just one apparition like in the video, decorating in different clothes and at different heights.

As for materials, you can just reuse old clothes you have in the closet, plus pool noodles you haven’t used since last summer. For the sheets, you can either cut open a pillowcase or use a shower curtain. Nina also advises you check Walmart, where she says “you can get a yard for cheap sometimes.” 

In her post’s comment section, everyone said they loved the idea. But there’s one catch: It’s too realistic!

“Cute but would creep me out at night,” said a commenter, to which the content creator replied: “It did the first couple nights LOL. Now I know they’re there.”