This Pool Noodle Hack Can Help You Save on Gardening Supplies

published Jun 2, 2023
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Planting Spring Herbs Into Terracotta Pots
Credit: kkgas/Stocksy

Large decorative planters can really take your home’s exterior from good to great during the spring and summer seasons. But having to fill up those planters with flowers and loads of soil can drain your bank account fast. One TikToker found a way to lessen the amount of soil needed in those large planters to cut costs, and this hack oddly involves pool noodles.

“I do this Dollar Tree pool noodle planter hack every year in all my big planters,” a TikToker named Penny wrote in the caption of an April video. “Potting soil isn’t cheap, y’all. This allows for drainage and uses half the amount of soil you normally would use.”

After picking up a pool noodle or two, you first have to cut the noodles down to size. Cutting portions that are about half the height of your planter works best. Then, stand the noodle sections on their ends at the bottom of your planter and cover with soil, making sure soil gets into the inner noodle tubes, too.

Then, plant your flowers on top, add more soil, and give the blooms a good drink of water. The noodles will funnel excess water to the bottom of the planter while also allowing the roots to grow in and around the noodle portions. 

This hack is best used for planters that will be under a covered porch or patio, and that’s only because if the planters are exposed to too much water, the noodles may start to float if there aren’t adequate drainage holes at the bottom of the planter. 

If you don’t want to buy and chop up new pool noodles, some people in the comments suggested using old plastic bottles, sticks and leaves, or aluminum cans to take up space below the soil layer. 

Don’t rack up charges on bags and bags of potting soil. Get creative at the dollar store, instead.