TikTok Is Freaking Out Over This Stylish, Wireless Sconce That Takes Less Than 20 Seconds to Install

published Feb 23, 2023
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Credit: Poplight

Google “renter-friendly lighting,” and your algorithm will probably suggest adding “hacks” to the search term. Nowadays, it’s more common (and affordable) to DIY rather than buy a light fixture for temporary purposes, especially since there’s not much on the market to begin with. One up-and-coming brand, however, has set out to change that.

Say hello to Poplight, a compact wall sconce that’s modern, budget-friendly, and ridiculously easy to install (read: absolutely no drilling, hardwiring, or “hacking” necessary). This genius piece was founded by Denver-based Rose Fierman and her wife, Caroline Matthes, after they struggled to find stylish yet inexpensive, renter-centric lighting for their own home. Neither comes from an interiors background; Fierman works in tech, and Matthes as a therapist, but they both share an affinity for good design and have spent the past two-and-a-half years perfecting the Poplight fixture, with the frustrations of fellow renters and college students in mind.

This queer- and women-owned business has since generated major buzz, recently going viral via TikTok. The post, shown below, features Fierman demonstrating just how mind-blowingly simple the Poplight installation process is — three steps, less than 20 seconds, and that’s it. Essentially, each globe-style sconce includes a round base with a built-in level and double-sided adhesive tape that “sticks to almost any surface and doesn’t leave any damage when removed,” Fierman says in the video. These tools work to evenly mount the base portion of the light on any blank wall spot of your choosing. From there, the matching-colored light fixture instantly latches on and locks into place with a quick, smooth rotation. Groundbreaking, right?

So how does Poplight work without any cords? Each sconce has a USB-C rechargeable battery, expected to last up to two to three days if left on continuously. The battery is also fully detachable, meaning you don’t need to prioritize light placement around an outlet for plugging-in to power up. That’s ultimately the beauty of this design overall: total flexibility to hang anywhere, from any height, without electrical or space constraints. Note that you can leave Poplight plugged in 24/7 for full battery life in case you like the look of hard-wired sconces.

While these highly-anticipated sconces haven’t officially hit the market, Poplight’s Kickstarter campaign kicked off this week, reaching its $9,100 goal in just 22 minutes. Backers will have options to pledge certain dollar amounts in exchange for exclusive discounts on Poplight products, all with estimated December 2023 delivery dates worldwide. Fierman also expects the brand’s e-commerce platform to publicly launch this upcoming October or November, with each sconce fairly attainably-priced at less than $100 each (finalized cost details are still in the works).

Credit: Poplight

The initial production batch will debut three colorways — matte black, red, and sage — but the founders anticipate rolling out even more shades and styles in the future. In addition, as Fierman adds, each lighting base is universal, allowing you to instantly swap designs without removing it altogether. That said, the lights do come off the wall just as quickly, seamlessly, and hassle-free as they go on.

New small-space-approved bedroom sconces? Check. Extra above-the-desk lighting? You got it, with plenty of blank wall to spare.