5 Practical and Pretty Home Decor Trends That Can Actually Save You Money This Fall and Winter

published Nov 7, 2022
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If you’re looking for a sign to invest in some of this season’s hottest design trends, consider this it. As it turns out, many of the home styles that are having a major moment can actually work wonders in keeping you warmer while hunkering down over winter — maybe even saving you a little bit of money on your heating bill, too. I spoke with a few design experts, each of whom weighed in on the best fall and winter trends that not only look great but will also keep you feeling warm in your space.

Credit: Lindsey Hunt

Faux fur blankets

Faux fur throws are not only luxe-looking; they’ll also keep you warm and cozy while you snooze even on the chilliest of days, shares designer Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors.

Helft offers this quick tip when shopping for a faux fur blanket. “Most come in more than one size — remember that 60 inches sounds long, but it will not actually cover your entire body,” she says. “So get the larger one!”

Credit: Heather Preslier

Make use of your fireplace, functional or not

Fireplaces, both real and faux, are always a sought-after home feature. If you’re lucky enough to have one that functions, put it to work this season. “This is the time to stock up with wood and some beautiful fireplace accessories,” Helft comments.

If your fireplace is non-functional, you can still get in on the toasty effect that one can have in your home. Shop for a large, multiple wick candle in a wide vessel, and place it in your firebox for a similar warm glow. You can also try a grouping of pillar candles. Just be sure to attend to and put out your flames, whether from logs or wicks.

Credit: Jason Rampe

Roll out an additional rug or two

Layering rugs continues to be popular, and doing so will result in more than just a stylish living room. “Layered area rugs are not only on-trend, but they also offer a practical solution for helping to insulate your floors and keep your gathering spaces warm,” says designer Kaitlin Kingrey of MA Design. “The more texture, the better!”

Here, a thick woven rug adds color and pattern atop a shaggy, neutral piece. Rugs are also a great addition bedside, so your feet are warm right from the moment you wake up.

Hang a wall tapestry

By no means are tapestries just for dorm rooms; they’re popping up in sophisticated living rooms, as seen in the chic living room above. They’re not all good looks either. “Wall tapestries offer a unique solution for adding interest in a room, and they can help combat drafty exterior walls, too,” Kingrey explains. “Remember to consider proportion; if you have the space for it, a large-scale wall hanging can make for a great statement piece.”

Struggling to find a tapestry you love? You can take a similar approach with other wall-mounted decor, and it’ll still have a bit of an insulating effect. “Hanging virtually anything on your empty walls (think photos, mirrors, or framed artwork) will still help to create a barrier that keeps out the cold,” Kingrey says.

Buy blackout or thermal window treatments

Some home heat loss can actually be caused by drafty windows, especially in older homes where casements can be older and in disrepair. Well, turns out the right kind of curtains — blackout or thermal drapery or shades, to be specific — can also have an insulating effect on windows, modestly reducing the amount of heat lost in cooler months. When you’re looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, store-bought blackout or thermal shades are a great place to start, and they’re always on trend because you can find them in a variety of popular colors and of-the-moment fabrics, too.

Try any of these ideas — or all of them — and you could see a modest effect on your heating costs this cold season.