This Beautiful, Indestructible Outdoor Blanket Made Me Look Forward to Enjoying the Outdoors In Colder Weather

published Nov 10, 2022
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Pretty Rugged Blankets in use at my house
Credit: Maxwell Ryan

There are only a few things that I fall in love with, because they are not only beautiful but also super useful and help me solve a real problem. Tracy Slocum’s Pretty Rugged Faux Fur Outdoor Blankets have become just that — getting particularly heavy use during our two pandemic years when we had to be outdoors all the time when socializing.

I first met Tracy at the big NY Now trade show in New York in 2018. Her blankets were very attractive and looked very much like RH’s faux fur blankets, but they were pitched to me for outdoor use. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t think I needed a waterproof, windproof, warm blanket outdoors that often. Turns out I was wrong, and I was just about to discover a use that I had missed all my life.

Credit: Maxwell Ryan

Even before COVID hit, I realized that sitting with my neighbors outdoors during the fall and spring on weekends was an activity that often had to be shortened due to the chill. With Tracy’s blankets the whole ritual transformed, I gave blankets to my neighbors and we all would sit out watching the sunset on chilly weekend evenings with wine and cheese until it was well past dark. This blanket would also be helpful to those of you who go to outdoor football games or do like to sit outside at restaurants on a chilly fall day!

What I came to appreciate more and more is that these blankets are warm AND indestructible, which means that we never worry about them and simply throw them in the washer when they get dirty. They can drag on the ground, get wet, get dog hairs all over them, get food on them AND IT’S FINE. It is so nice to have something that’s useful and that you don’t have to worry about, especially when sharing with friends, kids and dogs.

Credit: Maxwell Ryan

I now have a collection of two Pretty Rugged Original Blankets and two Luxe Blankets that hang on hooks in my front hall, just waiting to go outside on weekends. In fact, these things have been so habit-forming that we even head outside in the depths of winter and sit in our favorite spot as snow is falling and the wind is howling all around. Being outside and being warm while it’s howling is what makes me feel most alive.

PS. Hats off to Tracy, who just was invited onto Shark Tank last month so you can hear her give her own pitch right here on Episode 1405.

Credit: Maxwell Ryan