We Gave a Pro Cleaner $50 — Here’s What She Bought at IKEA

published Jun 11, 2024
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When walking through the aisles of IKEA, you are bound to discover smart storage finds, stylish decor items, and gorgeous furniture pieces. But did you know you can find cleaning supplies, too? Turns out IKEA can really be your one-stop shop for all your home needs, so don’t forget to snag some tidying tools while you’re there.

To help you on your hunt, we asked pro cleaner Kadi Dulude, owner of Wizard of Homes NYC, to share what she’d shop for at IKEA with only $50. Here are the six cleaning supplies she picked out — all under budget.

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Good gloves, like these ones from IKEA, are a must for cleaning, shares Dulude — especially when you have to fish out moldy hair from the tub drain or scrub the toilet bowl. Plus, it’s only $1.99, so you could snag a couple of them on your shopping trip and still be under budget.

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“I love to have all my needed supplies in one easy caddy so it's faster to get started and move around from room to room,” says Delude. Her pick is this PEPPRIG Cleaning Bucket and Caddy. “This one is so cute too and very functional because it has a small bucket underneath to keep dirty rags in, to use as a washbowl when scrubbing something, or as a bucket to rinse the mop or rags,” she says.

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“[There are] so many awesome cleaning supplies out there these days but I still tend to go back to using a vinegar-water mix with a few drops of essential oil or just rubbing alcohol for window washing or cleaning greasy surfaces,” shares Dulude. She likes to store this DIY cleaner in spray bottles like this one, which is light, easy to use, and refillable.

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Perhaps the best deal on this list — it’s under $1! — this lint roller is a must when cleaning homes that have pets. “Vacuuming gets a lot of hair out but for the final touch, we like to go over upholstery (couches, chairs, curtains) with a lint roller to get more hair out,” says Dulude.

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Dulude is a big fan of keeping squeegees in every shower and highly recommends using them to give your shower glass a once-over after you’ve showered. “This keeps the shower from needing to be deep cleaned so often because you're removing soap scum and water after each shower and it keeps hard water stains and mold from forming.”

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The RANEN Basket is another affordable find Dulude would get from IKEA. “This would be good to use to keep all the clean microfiber cloths in,” she says.