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A $1,260 Bedroom Makeover Trades Dated Design for Vintage Charm
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An “Unfinished and Unloved” Bedroom Gets a Charm-Packed Makeover
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A “Cold, Dirty, and Neglected” Guest Bedroom Gets a $420 Makeover
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An Easy $10 DIY Is Just What This “Renter Beige” Bedroom Needed
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The project is totally reversible — and easy to add on to — if the DIYer decides she wants more or less of the pattern.
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A Bedroom with Beautiful Bones Gets a Boho-Style Makeover for $2,000
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A $350 Bedroom Redo Uses 6 Paint Colors to Make a Major Difference
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Thrift Store Finds Are the Key to This $400 Afro-Bohemian Bedroom Redo
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A Once-Bare Bedroom on Martha’s Vineyard Is Now Perfectly Cottagecore
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A $1,000 Kids’ Bedroom Makeover Adds Lots of Vertical Drama
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A $3,000 Bedroom Makeover Uses Simple Swaps to Create a Taller Look
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A Small Bedroom Redo Uses Kitchen Cabinetry — and It Totally Works!
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A “Dumping Ground” Bedroom Nook Gets Dreamy New DIY Built-Ins
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“A Mundane Gray Box” Bedroom Gets a Beautiful Blue Redo for $950
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B&A: A Budget-Savvy Bedroom Redo Has a Chic Fix for Ugly Closet Doors
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B&A: A Kid’s Bedroom Goes from Green Stripes to a Galaxy Far, Far Away
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The kid wanted a Star Wars-themed bedroom; the DIYer wanted to stick to a $500 budget. Here’s how they succeeded on both counts.
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B&A: A “White Box” Bedroom Is Now Packed with Storage, Thanks to IKEA
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“We have SO much more storage now — we actually have more storage than we need (although I'm sure we'll fill it all eventually)!” this homeowner says.
Jun 10, 2023