The Real Use For Pull-Out Cutting Boards Might Actually Surprise You

published Jul 8, 2018
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(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

Think about your mom or grandma’s kitchen, in 2018 they might seem a little bit outdated (if they haven’t been remodeled). Some older kitchens have butter churns, crockery pots, pull-out cutting boards and more. Some things might have gotten replaced over the years, but others have stuck around.

Now, the pull-out cutting board your mom used to slice and dice every vegetable imaginable isn’t actually a cutting board. It was created for an entirely different purpose.

It is a bread board! Don’t feel too bad that you mistook this, everyone seems to confuse the two. To be fair, bread boards look an awful lot like wooden cutting boards. But then again, it makes sense that there are bread boards, when there are cheese boards too.

The pull-out board in the kitchen was meant to be used for kneading and slicing bread. However, over time, less and less people actually bake their own bread at home. Instead of using it to knead bread, it became a board for cutting foods. You might have noticed that your mom only ever cut cheese and vegetables on it, as cutting meat on the pull-out board is a little more dangerous. Bacteria can grow on cutting and bread boards, so you need to clean them carefully.

If you didn’t know about bread boards previously, you might actually be surprised to learn that there are many different types. Bamboo bread boards are aesthetically pleasing for presentation, plus most are dishwasher safe. While resin bread boards are able to withstand heat and are safe to display freshly baked bread. Melamine bread boards look like they are made of wood, but actually aren’t and that makes them easier to clean. And porcelain bread boards are perfect for a dinner party display, as they make a beautiful backdrop for an assortment of cheeses, bread, and fruits.

If you have a cutting board at home, you will want to read this guide on the best way to clean your cutting board to avoid growing bacteria. Or, if you have a cutting board lying around that you’re not using, you can transform it into a gorgeous end table.