These Classic Cotton Sheets Are Snuggly Soft and Actually Stay Put While I Sleep

published Nov 3, 2021
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Anyone who takes a look at my bed would consider my mattress to be thick. It’s hard not to, considering the padded mattress protector and cloud-like pillow top, and I love every part of it! Its size, however, does make it a little more challenging to put sheets on it that actually fit. I’ve had some sheets that were great when I put them on the mattress, but if I moved around in my sleep, the fitted sheet pulled and sometimes came loose. So when I find sheet sets that can actually handle the depth of my mattress, no matter how much I toss and turn, I make special note of them. Purple’s Complete Comfort Sheet Set is certainly one worth noting.

The day I received the Complete Comfort Sheet Set, I’d been dreading making my bed, but the timing couldn’t have been better. It was laundry day so my bed was stripped bare, and I was able to give the new sheets a wash so they’d be ready to use. My sheets are in Misty Blue, a cool and calming shade that I immediately fell in love with. What I loved even more, however, was the fitted sheet that came in the set. It has a thick elastic band with tags marking the top and bottom so I didn’t have to thoroughly inspect the sheet to figure out which way to turn it. Even better, thanks to the fitted sheet’s Spandex blend, it fit around my mattress like a dream! There was no awkward pulling in the middle of the long side, and the band helped to secure it with a snug hold. From that point, I was already sold.

Along with the fitted sheet, the Complete Comfort set comes with a flat sheet and two pillow cases. It’s also available in three other colors besides Misty Blue: Dusky Navy, Blush Pink, and Cloud White. The flat sheet and pillowcases are made from 100 percent cotton, and the Spandex in the fitted sheet gives it the power of a two-way flex so that when you move, it adjusts on its own. All of those features combined made for a surprisingly comfortable sleep. I knew they would be nice since the sheets are soft and breathable, but sleeping in them felt like coming home after a long day. I couldn’t help but snuggle deeply into them whenever I got in bed and I would fall asleep in a snap. There was something familiar and nostalgic about the sheets that I couldn’t explain, but I knew I enjoyed the feeling.

These were sheets I was super disappointed to have to take off of my bed, but I had to wash them at some point. They’ll be going right back on as soon as laundry day rolls around again. It isn’t every day that you find new favorite sheets, so when you do, hold onto them!