The $11 Drugstore Item Queen Elizabeth Uses to Fall Asleep

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Shaun Jeffers)

It’s no secret that the Queen is a worldwide traveler. Ever since taking her rightful place on the throne, she has been jetting off to countries left and right to maintain good relations with the U.K.

While the 92-year-old royal might not be crossing country lines as often as she used to, the years of experience have surely helped her gain a plethora of travel hacks and knowledge. And over the decades, it’s been discovered that one item in particular helps the Queen sleep, well, like a queen: a hot water bottle.

In case you aren’t familiar with this product, it’s a rubber water bottle made of thermoplastic material that is used to keep liquid hot for a longer period of time. It can also be used as an ice pack or for cold water, but Queen Elizabeth has a very particular use for it when it comes to her nightly ritual, according to historian Robert K. Massie.

Whether one of her personal maids helps or the Queen does it herself, the bottle is filled with hot water and is then tucked into her sheets for a good night’s rest. In addition to the hot water bottle, Massie also wrote that the Queen travels with other belongings when she’s away from home, like her own feather pillow, favorite china tea set, and a special lavatory seat.

So next time you’re having sleeping problems, try out the Queen’s trick. It might work royal wonders!

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