This Michigan Home For Sale Is a Pure Late ’70s Time Capsule

published Feb 14, 2018
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Every once in a while you stumble across a real estate listing so unique, so exquisite that it must be shared. This beaut is located in Sturgis, Michigan and it is a sprawling gem of late ’70s opulence, perfectly crystallized in amber.

What makes this property feel like such a find is that so many of its vintage elements are making a comeback. Crystals! Velvet! Animal patterns!

The house for sure needs some structural updates and is chock full of technology that was once cutting edge (hi there, bathroom phones!). But as we like to say in the biz, the bones are there—just so happens that these bones are also dressed up in a fancy disco dress. These photos are the real estate version of the back of a Highlights magazine, a thrilling hunt for tiny oddities.

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Built in 1979, the house has four bedrooms (each with an interesting wallpaper choice), two full baths and two half baths (also with funky wallpaper). There’s also a pool house with a sauna and his and hers bathrooms. A game room is connected to the pool house as well and comes with a mini kitchen. The area around the pool looks to be fully carpeted, seeing your carpeted bathroom trend and raising the stakes (but don’t worry, the bathrooms are also carpeted).

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As the listing states in all-caps, “THIS HOME WAS DESIGNED FOR LUXURY, ENTERTAINING, & LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST!” and I believe them! This house just tells one hell of a story. And honestly, with some editing, it would be pretty dope. Justina Blakeney says beaded curtains are making a comeback and they kind of work in this living room. Those purple velvet sofas are pretty on trend. That giant mirrored bed makes a statement!

I love this house. Someone please buy it for me. I would literally never run out of things to talk about because every corner of my house is a conversation starter. After all, $375,000 seems like a small price to pay for 1.8 acres and *squints* a fake grass border.