Reena & Priscilla’s Loft-Like Ohio Home

updated Feb 20, 2019
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Name: Reena & Priscilla
Location: Tremont— Cleveland, Ohio

Moving into a new neighborhood can a tricky and intimidating process, but Reena Samaan was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to search long before she fell in love. After finding the loft-like duplex and signing a lease, her next move was figuring out something to do with all the space!

Step one: find a roommate. Step two: Tackle the job of decorating the open space while maintaining a sense of intimacy and interest.

Reena’s friend Priscilla moved in, and through combining their forces, and their tight budgets, they brought a lot of life into the empty home. The light and airy quality of the space was maintained by sticking with neutral colors and adding pops of bright color and quirky touches here and there.

In an effort to further maintain the open feel, the dining space and living area were sectioned off through the positioning of the sofa, but the spaces are still open to each other and share the visual excitement of art and color between areas.

And finally, the girls softened up the hard edges of the space with the use of curtains as space dividers and even removing doors which they replaced with hanging fabric. Their home is an fun place to be, and definitely an inviting place to kick back and enjoy time with friends.

-Amanda Johnson

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