This Renovated Barcelona Apartment Is Both Chic and Neat

updated Apr 29, 2019

This Renovated Barcelona Apartment Is Both Chic and Neat

updated Apr 29, 2019
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Name: Marta Escoda, husband Albert, and kids Ivet, Marc, and Alex
Location: Sabadell — Barcelona, Spain
Size: 1,400 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years, owned

When personal shopper and stylist Marta Escoda decided to move into her grandparent’s apartment, she knew it would need renovating. But while she wanted a fresh start and to make new memories in this place, she also knew this apartment was part of her history and heritage, and desired to keep some of the original character.

Thankfully, that task was made easier thanks to a family of designers. Marta’s father-in-law is an architect and redesigned the home’s layout to accommodate their family. Her husband, Albert, works in construction and handled the building on this renovation. And Marta’s mother-in-law is an interior designer and finished the reno with the style touches the apartment needed.

Marta is in love with the home’s transformation, and as her children grow, she enjoys restyling the space. Having three children in one house is complicated when you want to keep everything orderly, but Marta does it well. And the

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Classic with modern touches style!

Inspiration: Pinterest

Favorite Element: I don’t have a favorite element. I’m changing my mind all the time, so one day I like something and another day I like something else!

Biggest Challenge: Everything goes perfectly when you have an architect, a builder, and an interior designer in the family.

What Friends Say: That it is very cozy and they admire the tidiness. They say there is a good vibe.

Biggest Embarrassment: The terrace. It is not done yet and I don’t like it at all.

Proudest DIY: The fabric animals I do for the children. The living room shades.

Biggest Indulgence: The living room shades.

Best Advice: Hire my husband for a renovation! Also having an interior designer was very helpful.

Dream Sources: Maison Du Monde


Sofas — Custom made by Mobles Ribalta
Coffee Table — Maisons Du Monde
Side Table — Fento Interiorismo
Side Table Lamp — Set&Set
Library – Custom made by Unifust
TV Lamp – Zara Home
Floor Lamp — IKEA
Metal Skull — Set&Set
Candlesticks — Set&Set
Candles — Set&Set

Table — Mobles Ribalta
Chairs — Mobles Ribalta
Wallpaper – Higueras Decoraciò
Mirror – Custom made by Sis Marcs Sabadell
Ceiling Lamp — Inherited

Lamp — Little House
Mirror — Custom made by Sis Marcs Sabadell
Coat Rack – Mercader de Venecia
Console — Fento

Desk — IKEA
Chairs — IKEA
Book Rack — IKEA
Wicker Baskets – Zara Home
Desk Lamps — IKEA
Pillows – Higueras Decoraciò
Fabric Monkey – Custom made by Marta

Crib — IKEA
Dresser — Maisons Du Monde
Mirror — Custom made by Sis Marcs Sabadell
Pillows — Higueras Decoraciò
Bassinet – Inherited
Library — Adai Decoració
Wallpaper — Drogues I pintures La Moderna S.A.

Mirrors – Zara Home
Chair – Little House
Bedside Tables — Little House
Bedside Lamps — Little House
Pillows — Higueras Decoraciò
Bed Headboard — Higueras Decoraciò

Desk — Custom made by Unifust
Desk Lamp — IKEA

Thanks, Marta!

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