15 Repurposed, Upcycled, and DIY Storage Ideas

There’s nothing we like better than seeing something creatively repurposed into something else—particularly if that ‘something else’ is storage-related. Here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing, including a drum shell turned into an ottoman and an old window shutter upcycled into a mail carrier…

Shown above the jump:

1 Vintage Crates Turned Shelves
2 Rafters Used as Book Storage
3 Drum Shells Turned Circular Seating Storage
4 Old Tea Boxes Turned Ribbon Storage
5 Wine Crates Turned Planters

6 Screen Door Turned Pot Rack
7 Sweater Shelf Turned Craft Paper Storage
8 Milk Crates and Salvaged Boxes turned Coffee Table
9 Books Turned Side Table
10 Window Shutters as Mail Carriers

11 Egg Crates Turned Ornament Storage Protector
12 Vintage Flour Sacks Turned Laundry Sorters
13 Wine Rack Turned Towel Rack
14 Closet Turned Office Space and Storage
15 Ladder Turned Book Shelf