Product Review: Bo Concept Spaze Sofa Bed

published Sep 8, 2008
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Bo Concept recently let us test drive one of their more popular sofa beds to see what we thought of it. After 2 weeks of giving it our all, we have our verdict:

Bo Concept is a European Furniture maker that falls somewhere between West Elm and Design Within Reach. Marketed as affordable luxury, their furniture is modern, sleek and often perfect for small spaces.

We had never had any experience with Bo Concept so we weren’t sure what to expect, but everything from the delivery, the service, to the comfy-ness and quality were top notch.

The Sofa:
We got a love seat with a pull-out sofabed called the Spaze just in time to watch the Olympics; we were very thorough with our research as we were couch potatoes every night.

Overall, the Spaze was totally comfortable to sit on (squishy enough to sink into it, clean enough profile to be modern) and really easy to pull out. The best part is that you don’t have to take any cushions off the sofa to pull out the mattress. You just pull out the mattress, like a drawer, and then it unfolds. The cushions of the sofa become part of the bed. And even though we were suspicious that the sofa cushions and the mattress wouldn’t line up, it was completely comfortable and we had no trouble sleeping. The other awesome part was that the mattress was foam which is what we prefer. The only downer for the sofa was the fabric it was covered in. We really weren’t into it, but they gave us samples and there were many other fabrics we would have been very happy with (if we were plunking down the cash to buy one).

It was so comfy that we ended up sleeping on it a couple of nights in a row when the Olympics went really really late. We actually thought it might be more comfortable than our regular mattress…

We were also surprised how much we liked the thick arms. Because they’re wide and flat we could set magazines and drinks on them. And for a bit they became a favorite perch for Coco. It was an unexpected bonus.

Quality-wise we had nothing to complain about. There was nothing wobbly and shoddy about the construction of the sofa. It felt solid, it didn’t show signs of wear and tear (it was a floor model before it came to us) and it was heavy enough to feel tough. The fabric was 100% polyester which wouldn’t be our first choice, but it’s very resistant to stains and other marks.

We would choose the Petrol Nu Fabric.

The Service: Bo came and delivered the sofa. They were very prompt and courteous and knew a lot about the sofa. In fact they sort of raved about it. but not in a trying-to-convince-us way, but in a genuine I-bought-this-for-myself-I-loved-it-so-much kind of way. And that we found refreshing and a little bit endearing.

Find the Spaze on Bo Concept under Sofa Beds. It comes with storage underneath for $1899, or a sofa bed with Memory Foam Mattress for $2,499.