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How RomCom Couples Would Decorate if They Lived in Studio Apartments

updated Feb 19, 2021
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If you love romantic comedies, you’re not alone. From the cheesy (yet heart-melting) one-liners to the “will they, won’t they” plots, they’re like cinematic comfort food. As the credits begin to roll, we can’t help but wonder what those happy couples’ lives would look like IRL. Would they stay as happy as they were when we last saw them? Would they move in together? And, if the latter happens, what would their shared space look like?

Fortunately, you no longer have to imagine a sequel to your favorite love stories. We tapped Karina Lameraner, creative stylist at Modsy, to share how some favorite on-screen couples’ studio apartments would look like in real life.

Credit: Ana Hard

Harry and Sally from “When Harry Met Sally”

Whoever first said that opposites was definitely talking about Harry Burns and Sally Albright. She’s type-A and he’s… well, anything but, so their East Village studio would be a marriage of their personalities.

“Their home would definitely be in tip-top shape in terms of its design and execution as they most likely would have worked with an A-list interior designer,” Lameraner says.

Sally is rarely seen without makeup and a stunning hairdo, so she would want their apartment to be designed to the nines.

“She would most likely gravitate towards classic elements in design such as symmetrical layouts and subtle patterns in furniture and textiles,” she adds.

The focal point of their apartment would be a plush sofa flanked with matching lamps and end tables on each side. Always the planner, Sally would make the most of their small space with floating shelves and and ottoman with hidden storage. (It’s the perfect place for her to stow all her beauty essentials.) Rounding out the living room would be a beni ourain rug.

But, if Harry had any input — which we’d imagine he would — he would pack the apartment with personality.

“Harry would introduce stylistic moments of ‘defiance’ such as the odd artwork or decor here and there,” Lameraner says. “He’s carefree and yet grounded in finding the facts, so his interior design style would reflect a slight whimsical influence with a contemporary approach.”

His most controversial request? Getting a Murphy bed. Sally would’ve had her qualms but ultimately, it allows them to make the most of their limited square footage when they have guests over.

Harry and Sally might have opposing design styles, but they do agree on some things. In addition to proudly hanging their University of Chicago diplomas, they would fill their floating shelves with books as a nod to that fateful run-in many years ago. Plus, their kitchen would have open shelving to show off all their colorful serveware. You know, just in case Sally was in the mood for another iconic salad.

Credit: Ana Hard

Monica and Quincy from “Love and Basketball”

Just because Monica Wright and Quincy McCall are living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean it skimps on style. According to Lameraner, their highrise apartment in Los Angeles embraces the lap of luxury.

“Together they would build the dream home, one that is approachable and designed to be lived in with a ‘no-frills’ approach,” she says. “For example, we’d see sleek hardwood floors as opposed to carpet or tile.”

Monica and Quincy have known each other since they were kids, so they’re definitely on the same page about their sleek, modern aesthetic. The apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows would be punctuated a curvy sofa, a mid-century coffee table, and an oversized arched floor lamp. With the exception of the occasional colorful throw pillow, their home sticks to a strict, neutral color palette.

These friends-turned-lovers work hard, so they want to live it up whenever they’re off the court.

“They would also spare no expense on the luxurious ‘details,’ such as a state-of-the-art hot tub, and a chef’s kitchen,” Lameraner adds.

And, since every athlete needs a good night’s sleep, they’d splurge on a king-size bed. (It might be tight in their studio, but they make it work.)

When it comes to design, Monica and Quincy favor all things modern; however, their home is by no means sterile. For example, their living room is covered with a plush shearling rug to make the space feel more cozy. Plus, they have a gallery wall of childhood pictures and their old USC jerseys.

Speaking of basketball, their apartment complex is decked out with all-star amenities such as a pool, gym, and, of course, private court.

Credit: Ana Hard

Bridget and Mark from “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Across the pond, Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy are keeping their love story alive in their shared London flat. The on-again, off-again duo was an unexpected couple from the start — for a second, we really thought Bridget would end up with Daniel Cleaver — so it’s no surprise their design preferences are very different.

“Bridget and Mark represent two ends of the design spectrum,” Lameraner says. “One that is more formal while the other veers more relaxed and adventurous.”

But — as this movie trilogy has proved time and time again — Bridget and Mark’s differences allow them to bring out the best in each other. Mark is a traditionalist at heart, so he would advocate for a space with classic, handsome details. The wood-paneled flat would be decked out with matching leather armchairs, a Persian rug, and ornate desk complete with an old-fashioned secretary lamp. (Yes, even Mark Darcy needs a suitable WFH setup.)

That said, Bridget knows how to make her mark on the world, and her home is no exception. This leading lady has always had a whimsical and eclectic approach, so she’d be all about the current cottagecore trend. Not only would their windows have white scalloped drapes, but Mark’s treasured armchairs would be covered in floral throw pillows and chunky knit blankets. (Bridget’s also a big fan of cross-stitching!)

They might have polar opposite design styles, but there’s one thing they can both agree on: the decision to add charming built-ins to their home. (After all, they need somewhere to hide Mark’s hideous reindeer sweater and Bridget’s comical underwear.)

“Together, they would create a balanced interior design style — one that is comfortable and rooted in traditional design, yet sprinkled with quirky and charming details,” Lameraner says.

Let’s not forget that Bridget and Mark aren’t the only people who live here. (Spoiler alert: The loved-up duo welcomed a little boy in “Bridget Jones’s Baby.”) Their small space would feature a charming blue bassinet, a tribute to the questionable blue string soup that brought Bridget and Mark together years ago.

Credit: Ana Hard

Nick and Rachel from “Crazy Rich Asians”

Once Rachel Chu and Nick Young returned from their memorable trip to Singapore, they’d want to start over in a new apartment.

Nick comes from a wealthy family — some might even say crazy-rich — so he has a penchant for the finer things in life. But while Rachel might’ve received the Young family’s seal of approval, she prefers pieces with a unique story. Though their preferences might seem opposed to one another, the couple is able to weave their ideas together to create a unique design style. (If this couple has taught us anything, it’s that love conquers all — even the biggest home decor dilemmas.)

“Together they would strike a beautiful balance of grandeur and down-to-earth, and this would be reflected in the design of their space,” Lameraner says. “Nick might even suggest hiring an interior designer — something that may catch Rachel off guard at first!”

After moving into their West Village loft — complete with exposed beams and brick walls — the newly engaged couple would master the balance between aspirational and accessible. Nick would add some of his fancier pieces like an Eames Lounge Chair and a crystal chandelier his Ah Ma gave him. (We all know he’s the favorite!) He’d also treat Rachel to an all-expenses-paid kitchen renovation, swapping out their outdated appliances for stainless steel upgrades.

Of course, their shared space isn’t all glitz and glamour.

“Rachel would bring a warm and charming element to their space,” Lameraner.

From a handmade suzani she found at a local vintage store to her mom’s mahjong set, Rachel’s eclectic, personal touches would ground Nick’s fancier pieces. As an economics professor at New York University, Rachel is all about keeping her space as practical as possible. When she’s scouring her favorite thrift stores, she keeps an eye out for space-saving furniture. (Nesting side tables, cool sconces, and a fold-up desk for when she’s working from home.)

Whether they’re visiting her mom in California, checking out his old stomping grounds in London, or reuniting with the Young family in Singapore, this dynamic duo are always on the move. So, it’s no surprise their home will be accented with souvenirs from their latest adventures.

Which couples’ digs matches your aesthetic? Let us know in the comments below!