TikTok Is Torn over This AI-Generated Yard Renovation

published May 31, 2023
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House backyard with hammock and pergola
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A new artificial intelligence tool called RoomGPT has the interior design community torn after a TikTok video demonstrated what the application can do. 

In the following clip from Paulina Machaj, we see her creating an outdoor renovation concept for her yard using the AI tool. The process is simple and straightforward: Enter the website, choose the room type and the theme that you want, and upload a photo of the space.

The machine’s results are pretty impressive; it puts out an AI-generated photo that looks professionally made in just a few clicks. In the case of Machaj’s yard, the tool suggests renovating with new tiles, a fountain, and more greenery for the wall.

Here’s another example, wherein a dilapidated living room is visualized as a modern one.

And for bedrooms, here are a variety of styles — from Japanese to industrial to tropical, to name a few.

As with any AI-related developments, the tool has sparked a debate between those for it and against it. 

Many lamented the impact on labor and employment. “AI is truly gonna take over so many jobs,” said a commenter, to which another replied, “You guys are looking at AI the wrong way. It’s going to facilitate so many jobs. We’ll be able to focus our creativity more directly.”

Another added, “As an interior designer, this is gonna make my job insanely easy. And it will improve building standards.”

Some said that they had privacy concerns. “This is cool but I do not want to show my personal spaces to AI.”

And others found it still too early to use the technology. “It’s not perfect, but may give some good ideas,” said another commenter, to which someone replied, “It would be sick if it gives you everything that you need to buy, what you need to install, or who to hire!”

Indeed, the tool is still in its infancy and its true impact — good and bad — might not be known for awhile. 

For now, the free-to-use tool could be ideal for those on a budget and want to browse for ideas before approaching an actual interior designer. Just remember that the machine has limitations; it puts out results based on a limited database, so don’t expect anything truly original. And similar to how Midjourney fails to render human fingers properly, RoomGPT could also be prone to errors, such as being unable to distinguish a window from a wall.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated interior design plans? You can try out RoomGPT here.