This Couple Discovered a Room-Sized Monopoly Board Under Their Carpet

published Apr 22, 2021
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A lot of times, in the process of renovating, you’ll be surprised with the things you might find, like an old photo album in the attic, or coins stuck in a couch, or even, a giant Monopoly board under your carpet.

That was the case for one couple who, upon removing a carpet in their home, was surprised to find a room-sized Monopoly board that had been hiding underneath for years. A photo posted on Reddit shows a hand-painted version of the game inside what appears to be a living room. It features properties such as Oriental Avenue and Park Place, as well as other game elements like Free Parking and Chance spaces.

Apparently, giant board games on the floor were common in the 1950s and 60s. “It was a style for playrooms back in the day,” explained one commenter, while another added: “Showed this to my wife, and she reminded me that there’s a whole neighborhood near us, built in the mid-50s, that has game boards painted or tiled onto their basement floors. Seems to have been a selling point or something.” 

Here’s another post from seven years ago proving that massive hand-painted board games really were popular back in the day.

So, what will the couple do with their interesting find? Will they keep it or push through with their original plans? “[I’m] trying to convince them to cover it in epoxy and do the rest of the flooring around it how they originally wanted,” said their in-law.