A Rustic Chic Argentina Home Has an Incredible Collection of Furniture and Art

A Rustic Chic Argentina Home Has an Incredible Collection of Furniture and Art

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Name: Marcela and Pedro, with sons Tomás and Felipe (27 and 22 years old), Tito the dog, who lives on the island and comes to visit and stay with us regularly; we love him!!
Location: Tigre Delta — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 860 square feet
Years Lived In: 1 years, owned

Our house’s name is Meraviglia and it is located on a beautiful river bank, surrounded by the stunning nature of Tigre Delta. Tigre’s islands are only 30 kilometers far from Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires. No need to travel long and one can find unique landscape, architecture, flora, and fauna.

Our house was built in 1930-40 approximately, and we bought it in December 2018 to live in it as our weekend house. Since we bought it, my husband Pedro and I have done all that was necessary (like fixing and decorating) with our own hands, getting it ready to live in so we escape from the noise of the city. Here we relax and enjoy the contact with nature deeply, stepping out of our everyday life to this beautiful environment. It’s an expression of a shared life, based in love, work, and family, and we are so ready to enjoy it from now on!

Island houses are very typical in this area, with big contrasts between simple and
small houses and more luxurious ones; but all of them respond to the climate and
physical needs of the climate and the river. Most of them are elevated from the land to keep it safe from frequent tides and usually made of wood, painted with vibrant colors.

This house was built with lightweight materials and a tin roof. All of the original structure was respected and conserved as it was conceived. The decoration of the interiors is a result of my personal style, after years of being passionate for my profession (I am a decorator) and from my special relation with vintage and old stuff. Also with my continuous visits to flea markets searching for unique treasures and furniture. The house was completely equipped with furniture and objects selected by our home decor store Pasión Chic.

For the interiors I mostly chose furniture of noble materials and rustic appearance, but I mixed them with some stylish objects. This, in my opinion, makes the difference and gives a special and chic touch to the house. I especially like the collection of flower paintings on the walls, the crystal lamp in the dining room, the antique kilim in the living room, the ceiling fan made with natural thread from Indonesia, and the bedside lamps. Many of the furniture pieces (the rounded table, the oak chairs, and the Provencal black cabinet for example) were chosen long before we found the house, with the firm conviction that they would find their place in one of our future homes.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Inspiration: Nature, architecture, antiques, beauty in everyday simple things.

Favorite Element: Dining room chairs, made of Slavonian oak with a heart in the back. I kept these chairs for a long time until I found the perfect place for them; the seats are made with old mattress cloth.

Proudest DIY: We adapted a big desk to be the kitchen counter. We cut out a piece of the table to inlay an antique sink. We removed one of the front drawers, took out the original handles, and added a metal towel rail. We adapted the other big drawer to fit the cutlery in it. We are very proud of it; it was a big recycling challenge!


  • All things in the house were found and recycled by me and my team at Pasión Chic.

Thanks Marcela!!