Check Out This Wacky RV Turned Swimming Pool

published Jun 17, 2018
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(Image credit: Benedetto Bufalino)

Do you remember the Barbie camper from when we were kids? It was two different shades of pink and it came with a swimming pool attached. It was one of those must-have Barbie items from the ’90s that absolutely everyone went crazy for.

It looks like French artist Benedetto Bufalino might have gotten a little Barbie inspiration on his latest project. He revealed his newest work, which if you’ve been following him, you know includes a lot of cars turned into something else.

With this RV-turned-pool, you’d never have to complain again about not having a pool during the summer! Sure, the space would be kind of limited, but it still looks like the perfect place to take a refreshing dip.

The artist created the piece by taking everything apart first. Benedetto had to remove the roof of the caravan, as well as the interior. Then he had to retrofit the body of the caravan so it could support the water he was going to put inside of it. Because that would have been just a little bit messy if the water started to leak out of this moving vehicle!

This RV really feels like it fits in your grandparents’ backyard, it is so retro and cool. The pool feature is solidified by the ladder that has been affixed to the back that lets pool goers hop right in.

Benedetto has a very creative mind. Some of his other work includes a backhoe turned into an aquarium, a cement truck turned into a giant disco ball, a telephone booth also turned into an aquarium, a car flipped over and turned into a tennis table, as well as an 18-wheeler’s roof turned into a tennis table, and so much more. We don’t know where he gets these inventive ideas from, but they are incredible to see!

You can see the process (sped up, of course) in the video below! Can you believe he managed to pull this off? If only it were going to be sold on the market, this would be incredible to have during the summer.